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TEN Pound Pom viewers have all complained about actress Michelle Keegan in the new hit drama – but the reason why may surprise you.

The six-part series follows the life of working-class British families who are pursuing a new life in Australia.

During the first episode, viewers saw Annie Roberts (Faye Marsay) decide to uproot her family as her husband Terry (Warren Brown) was spiralling with an alcohol and gambling addiction.

The story also followed Michelle's character Kate who ran away from her husband to the other side of the world.

However, once they all arrive, they soon discover their new reality is not what they signed up for.

For fans who enjoyed the drama, some struggled to believe in the time-period drama because of Michelle's modern eyebrows.


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One said: "I struggle to watch Michelle.. she always looks out of place in anything other than modern day because of her very modern look eyebrows etc."

Another added: "I think she’s stunning but everything she has been in, plays same character, character has the same personality, speaks the same, has the same dialogue. hair and make up is always the same in whatever she is in. Looks immaculate in Afghan war zones or in OZ bush."

Someone else added: "The eyebrows are silly."

Despite high expectations for the new series, just minutes in viewers were left seething at the Beeb for the show's "poor production values".

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They also took aim at the broadcaster for portraying Australian's in such a poor light.

Taking to social media, one fan blasted: "Giving up on #TenPoundPoms Production values are poor and script predictable. International direct dialling from Australia in the 50s? She’ll be sending a fax to her mam next…"

A second said: "Seemed very stereoptyped too. Disappointing."

"@BBCOne how deeply offensive to portray Australians as xenophobic Neanderthals in your smear campaign against Australia in," fumed a third.

As Ten Pound Pom aired last week, Michelle's husband posted a snap of him with his wife in Sydney from July 2022.

He said: "Here we are, back in July 2022 in Sydney Australia, where this incredibly, talented, hard working special little wife of mine spent 5 months last year working her but off, filming her new show Ten Pound Poms!!

"Tonight we finally get to see it on our screens and I’m so bloody excited and proud."

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