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The Afterparty – Apple TV+

Anyone who’s ever attended a school reunion party will know they can be a traumatic experience for all sorts of reasons: maybe you made a fool of yourself on the dance floor, or perhaps you bumped into a feared bully near the nibbles. But, however triggering it might have been, chances are you’ve not been to a reunion bash as dramatic and disastrous as the one featured in this eight-part murder-mystery comedy.

Boasting an all-star cast, the series follows the investigation into the killing of brash pop star Xavier (Dave Franco) during the party he throws for a group of old classmates, following their high-school reunion. With every guest under suspicion, each episode explains the night’s events from a different character’s perspective, and the always-brilliant Tiffany Haddish holds the whole thing together as investigating cop Danner.

While there’s definitely some cartoonish stereotyping going on in terms of the characters, energetic performances from the entire cast – which also includes ’s Ben Schwartz and our own Jamie Demetriou (Stath Lets Flats) – look set to ensure this is a silly, slapstick slice of whodunnit fun.

Available Friday

Judy Justice – IMDb TV

After a mid-season break – possibly to get her judge’s robes dry-cleaned – the honourable and legendary Judy Sheindlin returns to the courtroom to dish out some much-needed justice to another collection of peeved plaintiffs and determined defendants. Joining her once again are bailiff Kevin Rasco, court stenographer Whitney Kumar and law clerk Sarah Rose, who just so happens to be Judy’s granddaughter.

As ever, the cases are varied and unpredictable – there’s everything from a new bride suing the boss of an events company that provided a faulty cable car for her wedding day, to a woman demanding repayment of the cost of a husky puppy she never received. But one thing that can be relied upon is Judy’s unwavering wisdom and cutting wit.

Available Monday

The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window – Netflix

TV Mag’s designers had a wonderful time with title… But don’t let the ridiculously long name put you off this dark comedy thriller. Anna (Kristen Bell) is a heartbroken woman with an alcohol problem, who spends every day staring out of the window of her swanky home, her mind clouded by a fog of red wine and pills. Things finally start to look up with the arrival of a hunky new neighbour Neil (Tom Riley) over the road. But Anna’s tentative dreams of a happy future are shattered when one day, during her usual wine-fuelled snooping session, she witnesses a murder – or did she imagine it all? The truth will be unravelled over eight episodes.

Available Friday

Marvel’s Hit Monkey – Disney+

Based on a character from Marvel comic books, this high-octane new adult animated series tells the story of Hit Monkey (voiced by Fred Tatasciore), a Japanese snow monkey who takes revenge on the Tokyo criminal underworld after his tribe is slaughtered by a gang of cruel assassins. Helped in his quest by the ghost of his mentor, American assassin Bryce Fowler (Jason Sudeikis), Hit Monkey turns out to be a pretty nifty killer and his adventures are action-packed, fast-paced and extremely violent – this is definitely NOT for kids. Olivia Munn and legend George Takei also lend their voices.

Available Wednesday

Cherry Valentine: Gypsy Queen And Proud – BBC3

Cherry Valentine might have left after week two of the second series of RuPaul's Drag Race UK but the experience was still life-changing – not least because it gave her the chance to come out as a Gypsy Drag Queen.

Cherry, who was born George Ward, was raised in a traveller community in the north-east of England. However, feelings of rejection forced George to move away when he was 18 and he’s had very little contact with his community since then, other than with his mother.

In this affecting and brave documentary, George, 28, goes on a very personal journey to discover if he can reconnect with his traveller roots and unite his Gypsy and queer identities – something he’s been avoiding for years. It isn’t easy, though, and he soon finds himself having to confront some very painful memories.

Available Tuesday

The Tuckers – BBC iPlayer

If you missed the first series of , you missed out. Written by and starring Steve Speirs (After Life, Stella), the show follows the misadventures, mishaps and misdemeanours of roguish Welsh family the Tuckers – dad Glyn (Spiers), nan Peggy (Lynn Hunter) and Glyn’s grown-up sons Billy (Joshua McCord) and Bobby (Ben McGregor). The gang spend their days trying to find ways of making an extra bob or two, and while luck is rarely on their side and they have a habit of getting knocked down, the loveable bunch always manage to get back up again.

The second series sees the family having to face the consequences of their unsuccessful money-making schemes and the potential failure of their beloved catering business. Just like the first, it’s filled with garrulous, warm-hearted fun. The whole series is available to watch from Wednesday, so go on, Tuck in.

Available Wednesday

Simeone: Living Match By Match – Amazon Prime

For some English football fans, Diego Simeone will always be known as the Argentinian player who helped get David Beckham sent off in the match that ended with England’s exit from the 1998 World Cup. But in the years that have followed that notorious incident, Simeone has established himself as one of the most influential and respected managers in the game. Under him, Spanish side Atletico Madrid have become one of the most admired and feared teams in Europe, even managing to pip Real Madrid and Barcelona to last year’s La Liga title.

This fascinating new docuseries follows Simeone during that glittering season, revealing the man behind the myth and exploring the secret of his success. And with testimonials from everyone from Cristiano Ronaldo to Becks himself – who holds no grudges, by the way – it’s a total treat for all footie fans.

Available Wednesday

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Top 5

Emily In Paris – Netflix

The first series of this whimsical fish-out-of-water comedy-drama certainly split opinion. For some, the romantic adventures of twentysomething American Emily (Lily Collins) – whose life is turned on its head when she moves to Paris for work – were as light and delicious as a tasty French pastry. For others, it was all cheesier than that Roquefort that’s still in the fridge from Christmas. Whatever your view, it’s hard to argue with the show’s massive success, and while the new second season – which sees Emily trapped in a love triangle – is still crammed with predictable French clichés, it’s a genuine guilty pleasure.

Stay Close – Netflix

Take a bunch of Britain’s best actors – including James Nesbitt, Sarah Parish, Cush Jumbo and Richard Armitage – give them a script adapted from a novel written by master of the twist-laden thriller Harlan Coben and what do you get? The answer is an addictive and expertly constructed eight-part mystery that keeps you guessing right until the last moments. Three people – mum-of-three Megan (Cush), detective Michael (James) and photographer Ray (Richard) – find their lives imploding when a shocking event from the past is brought to light by the mysterious Lorraine (Sarah). Enthralling.

The Puppet Master: Hunting The Ultimate Conman – Netflix

If staggering real-life crime stories are your thing, you’ll be blown away by this jaw-dropping three-part series. It tells the story of Robert Freegard, a British man who spent much of the 90s and early Noughties posing as an MI5 agent. During that time he conned at least seven women and one man out of hundreds of thousands of pounds, exploiting them emotionally and physically, and controlling every aspect of their lives. The Puppet Master reveals the full extent of Freegard’s deceptions, examines how he did it, he did it and how the effects of his crimes are still being felt today.

As We See It – Amazon Prime

Flatmates Jack (Rick Glassman), Harrison (Albert Rutecki) and Violet (Sue Ann Pien) are all on the autism spectrum in this brilliant new comedy-drama series from Jason Katims, the man behind shows including Roswell, Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. It follows the everyday challenges of the trio as they navigate the often stormy waters of life, love and work from a unique perspective. Hilarious, moving and enlightening for anyone without experience of autism, it’s a coming-of-age series like you’ve never seen before.

This Is Us – Disney+

The Pearson family are back for one last series that is nailed on to be its most emotional yet – and that’s saying something. Expect torrents of tears, laughter, love and heartache as we witness more highs and lows in the lives of parents Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), Rebecca (Mandy Moore), their kids Kate (Chrissy Metz), Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall (Sterling K Brown) and the rest of the extended clan. As ever, we get to hop between decades and different time periods – but will they eventually get a happy ending? All will be revealed.

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