The Big Bang Theory fans spot major Fun with Flags video series Easter egg in Young Sheldon season 3 finale – The Sun

THE Big Bang Theory’s prequel series, Young Sheldon, aired its season 3 finale on Thursday, and fans quickly spotted an Easter egg celebrating the original show.

Adult Sheldon’s classic Fun with Flags video series received a major nod in the episode.

In the final season 3 episode of the CBS sitcom, Sheldon (Iain Armitage) films himself explaining why it’s time for him to go to college, even doing so in front of a chalkboard, like his adult counterpart did in Big Bang, which ended last year.

Fans of the two shows caught onto the Easter egg and shared their excitement over seeing the early beginnings of Sheldon’s Fun with Flags series, a show within the show that focused on Sheldon and Amy teaching vexillology, the study of flags.

One person wrote: “Hmmm, the chalkboard looks a lot like the Fun with Flags chalkboard.”

Another tweeted: “HA! The beginnings of Fun with Flags.”

A third said: “Sheldon’s video presentation on college is like a foreshadowing of ‘Fun With Flags.’ This is awesome.”

Turns out, eagle-eyed fans were correct with guessing this scene was a Big Bang Theory Easter egg, as Young Sheldon showrunner Steven Molaro confirmed to TV Insider as such.

He explained to the outlet that it was “a first nod to the beginnings of Fun With Flags,” to give longtime fans a glimpse at how adult Sheldon (Jim Parsons) first got the idea to record himself talking about topics important to him.

Steve added, of how he and the writers came up with the idea: “I still think we have not explored his love of flags yet but this came to us when we were writing it.

“Like, ‘Oh, there's an opportunity to make this feel like Fun With Flags. Let's do that and see if people catch it.’”

He continued: “And in this episode, the board behind him is very similar to the Fun With Flags board, even with the little curly-cues drawn on it and the way he gestures to it.

“I had asked [star Iain Armitage] to watch some old Fun With Flags so we can kind of tap into that awkwardness of Sheldon on camera.”

This episode was originally planned to be the penultimate season 3 episode but had to be used as the finale after the coronavirus pandemic shut down production.

Young Sheldon has already been renewed for season 4.

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