'The Challenge: All Stars': Why Arissa Hill Doesn't Regret Her Time on the Show

After a 15-year break, Arissa Hill returned for The Challenge: All Stars but quit after the fourth episode. While it seemed as though she left due to betrayal, the Battle of the Sexes 2 finalist noted other things that happened behind the scenes that influenced her decision. She also claimed she didn’t regret her choice to return in a lengthy Twitter thread.

Arissa Hill quit ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

During episode 4 of The Challenge: All Stars, the old school competitors teamed up for another daily mission to determine who would face off in elimination and who would hold the power of the lifesaver.

Beth Stolarcyzk served as the losing team’s captain, putting her in a position to fight for her game, and her friend Mark Long won the lifesaver. Because Katie Cooley didn’t compete in the daily mission due to fear of another injury, she volunteered herself to face Beth in elimination.

However, Mark, wanting to test the power, saved Katie. Therefore, the other players had to vote for the replacement immediately. Darrell Taylor began, and he asked Beth her pick who chose Arissa Hill.

The majority of the players followed suit, and she unexpectedly found herself in elimination. Feeling betrayed, The Real World: Las Vegas star quit.

She later explained what led up to her decision to leave

Following the episode, Arissa clarified why she chose to leave instead of competing in elimination. In a lengthy Twitter thread, the Battle of the Sexes 2 finalist claimed she had a serious gluten allergy and dealt with painful reactions and rashes from “cross-contamination.”

She also pointed out that she didn’t intend to come off as “anti-social” but didn’t feel well and wanted to sleep instead of partying at the bar.

Arissa continued, explaining that others had repeatedly eaten her gluten-free food, leaving her without any when she noted it takes at least 48 hours for her to receive more.

She also claimed Alton Williams, her Real World castmate, suggested they put her in elimination because he thought she wasn’t enjoying herself. Although Arissa noted she initially intended to compete, the 41-year-old said she changed her mind after realizing she no longer had any allies left.

Arissa noted she didn’t ‘regret’ her choice to return

In another thread, the Battle of the Sexes 2 finalist explained she still had “a lot of love” for her other contestants, despite giving them the middle finger and calling them “motherf*****s” and “snakes” before quitting, because she had special moments with several of them.

The Massachusetts native noted Kendal Sheppard helped her with snacks when she didn’t have enough time to cook a meal, Teck Holmes cleaned and put her things, Aneesa Ferreira drew an eyebrow on her after she lost one due to a rash, and Darrell made her eggs after a late elimination.

She also said she unexpectedly developed a friendship with Eric “Big Easy.” Due to these “kind” interactions, the Real World star didn’t “regret” her decision to return for another season after over 15 years, regardless of how it ended.

The Challenge: All Stars airs Thursdays on Paramount+.

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