The Longest-Awaited First Kisses From Once, Arrow, X-Files and More Shows — Who Held Out for the Most Episodes?

When it comes to that first kiss, it’s all about the buildup, and our favorite shows certainly love to make us wait for that much-anticipated first smooch. But which small-screen couple held out the longest before they locked lips?

TVLine did the math by selecting 37 memorable will-they-or-won’t-they pairs and tabulating how many episodes it took them to share their first kiss. The results are included in the attached gallery, sorted from shortest to longest wait. (Note: We limited our list to real kisses, so you won’t find any imaginary or dream ones included. And in the case of characters who were introduced later in the show’s run, like Once Upon a Time‘s Hook, we calculated from their first episode.)

As we investigated, watching many, many makeout scenes for the purposes of science, we noticed a trend: Season 3 appears to be the perfect time for that magic moment, with 10 duos finally smooching during their respective shows’ third seasons.

So which couple topped the list, with a whopping 205 episodes before their first kiss? Scroll through the gallery to the right (or click here for direct access) to find out, then hit the comments to let us know which wait was the most torturous for you.

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