The Office producer reveals disturbing deleted scenes where Dwight embarks on suicide pact and kills a horse – The Sun

THE OFFICE producer has revealed disturbing deleted scenes where Dwight embarks on a weird suicide pact and kills a horse.

Randy Cordray made the shocking revelation while discussing the marriage of Jim and Pam.

While many remember the Niagara Falls tour boat wedding of the pair, played by John Krasinsk and Jenna Fischer, with fondness, Cordray admits a very unusual subplot was being planned behind the scenes.

Early scripts had Roy Anderson (Dave Denham) return to the series on a horse in a bid to win Pam back before she ties the knot.

But when his "knight in shining armor" moment goes wrong, Anderson gives the horse to Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson).

Cordray explained in The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s: "Dwight Schrute, horseman and beet farmer that he is, would then come along after the wedding.

"He’s walking outside the church and he sees Roy despondent, sitting on the curb, holding the reins of the horse. And he says, 'Tough luck, buddy, that didn’t work out like you wanted it, did it?'"

Cordray went on: "And Roy would be, ‘No, and I’m stuck with this stupid horse. I paid for the horse for the rest of the day.’

"And Dwight says, ‘Hey, I’m a horse person. Let me take care of it.’

"He takes the reins of the hose and he’s taking it ostensibly back to the stables, but Dwight somehow finds himself riding along the banks of the Niagara River."

But the idea from showrunner Greg Daniels was met with protest from all angles.

Director Paul Feig recalled: "I remember all the writers were coming to me like, ‘We can’t do this. You can’t kill a horse. It’s crazy."

"Everybody was all over Greg, and Greg was just like, ‘I’m telling you this is going to work.’ He was digging in and everybody was freaking out about it.”

The show's producer and lead Steve Carrell was among the loudest voices against including the scenes which he described as something from The Simpsons.


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