The truth about Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey’s relationship

Michael B. Jordan may be the hottest eligible bachelor in Hollywood. In fact, the Black Panther actor was named People‘s 2020 Sexiest Man Alive, thanks to his adorable smile and ripped physique, as seen in Creed and Creed 2. Aside from keeping up with his movies, there’s one question fans always want answered about Jordan: Who is he dating? In a mid-November 2020 interview with People, the actor did claim he was single, but that title may have changed.

“Having people who are married around me, a running theme is ‘You know when you know.’ And it’s one of the most frustrating things to hear as somebody who’s single,” Jordan said to the outlet. “I kind of thought I knew four or five times, and that didn’t really work out too well for me.”

The movie star continued, describing who exactly he’s looking for in a wife. “A sense of humor, true understanding, because [an actor’s] life is not conducive to a relationship—it’s really not,” Jordan told People. “Somebody that’s nurturing. I’ve got a list. That’s probably why my a** is still single, but yeah, it’s a list.”

So, which Hollywood socialite may fit the list? Celebrity and model Lori Harvey.

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan were spotted spending the holidays together

Just Mercy actor Michael B. Jordan opened up to People in his Sexiest Man Alive cover story about what he finds attractive in women physically. “It’s like lips, teeth, mouth. I think I’ve paid more attention to eyes as of late, with these masks,” the actor said. “I love a woman’s hips, thighs. Hands and feet. And what order you go, that’s a totally different question.”

With this in mind, it makes sense why the actor has seemingly gravitated toward model Lori Harvey. According to TMZ, the two, who are rumored to be dating, were seen hopping off a private flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta just before the 2020 Thanksgiving holiday. In the photos, Jordan and Harvey, who are 10 years apart in age, were seen in what looked to be matching sweatsuits.

Fans of the actor and model raved about the bittersweet notion that the two are an item, with many noting Harvey’s past dating history.

Here's a look at Lori Harvey's dating history

Model Lori Harvey has gained fame over the years as the daughter of talk-show host and comedian Steve Harvey. The young socialite has garnered more than 2 million followers on Instagram, thanks in part to her modeling career. Yet, even with Harvey’s modeling accomplishments, her dating life seems to always be the main topic of conversation when it comes to buzz surrounding this celebrity. The young star was previously engaged to soccer player Memphis Depay in 2017, but the couple reportedly broke it off the same year.

A few years later, the model was rumored to be dating Sean “Diddy” Combs in the summer of 2019, which sparked lots of controversy, due to previous reports that the model had dated Diddy’s son Justin Combs, according to E! News. Harvey then dated rapper Future, on and off, from 2019 to summer of 2020.

With Michael B. Jordan potentially being Harvey’s new boyfriend, it’s clear the young socialite is enjoying dating in Hollywood in her 20s… and we don’t blame her.

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