'Too Hot to Handle': David Birtwistle Says He's Currently Seeing Someone, but It's Not Lydia Clyma

Nearing the end of Too Hot To Handle, it seemed to fans that David Birtwistle and Lydia Clyma had a promising future together.

Though they didn’t have as much time as the other couples to develop a serious relationship at the retreat, the pair still established a strong connection that many thought would have eventually turned into a full-on romance.

But much to our dismay, Birtwistle and Clyma are no longer dating, but have remained good friends since the show wrapped filming.

Lydia and David instantly hit it off at the retreat

After striking out with Rhonda and Chloe during the retreat, it seemed like all hope for finding love was lost for David — that is until Lydia came along.

Halfway through the season, the stunning Londoner made her debut on Too Hot To Handle along with two other recruits who had no clue what was in store for them at the no-sex retreat.

From the moment Lydia stepped off the boat, it was clear she and David were instantly attracted to each other. David even admitted in a recent YouTube video that he immediately knew Lydia was his type and that they had an instant connection.

“We got on very well straight away,” he explained in the video. “Conversation was easy … we were definitely vibing on each other.”

As time went on, it appeared to fans that the pair were moving toward a legitimate relationship and were looking to keep their romance going long after the show ended.

While staying together seemed the most promising for David and Lydia seeing as though they’re both from the United Kingdom — unlike the show’s other power couples Sharron and Rhonda, and Harry and Francesca — things surprisingly didn’t work out for the pair in the end.

David recently told O, The Oprah Magazine that he and Lydia are no longer dating, but added that they remain great friends. “Lydia and I have got such a beautiful relationship. She holds a special place in my heart,” he said.

Lydia even told Entertainment Tonight that she and David continue to have a close bond and see each other “all the time.”

“I want to fly to Los Angeles a lot and see Madison [Wyborny], Bryce and Harry,” she shared. “I’m really close to Nicole and David, who I see all the time.”

The Londoner is currently seeing someone…kind of

While many of us would have liked to see Lydia and David keep their relationship going after Too Hot To Handle, it seems like they’re much better off as just friends.

As for their current relationship statuses, we’re not really sure the full extent of Lydia and David’s love lives.

While it was speculated that Lydia started dating Too Hot To Handle co-star Bryce after filming, that theory has since been debunked mainly because the LA native is dating fellow co-star, Nicole, and has been for over a year now.

Though she hopes to “start dating with intention” again one day soon, Lydia told ET that she is “still single AF,” and will get back on the dating scene once the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is over.

David, on the other hand, recently revealed that he is currently off the market but admits that things are pretty complicated in his love life at the moment.

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“Um, right now it’s difficult, isn’t it? We’re on lockdown so I can’t really get out of the house that much!” he told Esquire. “You know, I’m kind of… I’m in a position where it is… maybe, is what I’m going to say. I can’t put too much definition on it at the moment.”

While it sounds like David is taking this relationship slow, we really hope that this romance ends up working out in his favor!

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