Too Hot To Handle star dishes all about unseen heart monitor challenge that never aired

Too Hot To Handle has easily topped Netflix’s most watched shows in last past couple of weeks, as the new dating show became a hit among fans. Since it dropped on the steaming site two weeks ago, viewers have been intrigues by the show that dons a different set up to your usual dating malarkey.

There was one at the start we did that. We were in pairs and we had to try and get the other person’s heart rate up

David Birtwistle

The binge-watch show is all about intimacy and challenges the contestants to refrain from their urges or money gets deducted from the staggering $100,000 (£79,900) prize fund.

The star’s were introduced to invaluable lessons that stimulated growth in a relationship – some of the tasks included vagina evaluation, bondage and rebirthing but now one resident has revealed there was one scene we never got to see.

Fitness and nutrition coach David Birtwistle, who found love with Lydia Clyma, divulged there was a workshop involving a heart monitor intended to challenge the cast’s level of self-control.

The singleton, who was partnered up with Chloe Veitch for the task, explained that the challenge that didn’t make the cut was “a really funny one”.


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Speaking to Metro, he said: “There was one at the start we did that. We were in pairs and we had to try and get the other person’s heart rate up.

“So, if I had the heart monitor on, my responsibility was to remain calm and to control myself in various situations. We were given some fruit and we just had to eat the fruit,” he recalled.

“That was a really funny one.”

Even though he knew the aim of the game to keep as calm as possible, David confessed he didn’t a “terrible job”.

“I was partnered with Chloe [Veitch] and she made me laugh so much as she was pretending to be an animal and making animal noises as she was eating,” he giggled.

“I did a terrible job of trying to keep my heart rate down.”

Other challenges saw the cast paint words on each other that they’d previously been called by others, with the hope that they would gain a deeper understanding of each other.

Were there more we don’t know about?!

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But while they were being put to the test with various tasks, their biggest challenge of all was keeping their hands off each other.

Some couples couldn’t handle the heat and caused huge deductions from the total prize fund.

22-year-old Harry Jowsey and Instagram model Francesca Farago were the first to break the rules of the lavish Mexican villa.

Harry revealed in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Australia that he was “infatuated” with Francesca from the moment he saw her, which caused him to flout the strict regulations first.


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“I feel like from day one we hit it off. For me, it was like love at first sight – I was infatuated with her,” he grinned.

“And even the fact those rules were announced, I knew I still wanted to pursue it.”

He admitted the strict regulations “scared” some of his cast mates, but Harry was quite happy to throw away his chances of winning some serious cash for love.

“Everyone got a little bit scared and taken back, because they didn’t want to lose the opportunity to win that money by potentially slipping up, but I thought, ‘You know what? I’m here for her.'”

And the pair didn’t seem to care if they were caught, regardless of AI system Lana watching their every move!

Too Hot To Handle is available to watch on Netflix now.

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