Too Hot To Handle’s Nigel accidentally lets slip his celibacy fate

Too Hot To Handle: Netflix releases teaser for season four

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Netflix’s eagerly awaited dating series Too Hot To Handle returned to screens for a steamy fourth season. Following the release of season four, part one, contestant Nigel Jones accidentally let slip the fate of his romantic journey. 

Too Hot To Handle made its return with its 10 contestants none the wiser, the 10 singletons were conceived they were on a new dating series, Wild Love. 

As the stars arrived at the Caribbean resort, Nigel quickly gained the attention of the women who all wanted to get to know him. 

Although the show was based on finding love, Nigel admitted: “I think about sex every five seconds of the day.”

He added: “Nine to five I’m businessman Nigel. From five to nine, that’s when you meet naughty Nigel.”

However, his intentions were quickly rescinded after the show’s virtual assistant, Lana revealed they were on Too Hot To Handle and had to remain celibate.

Throughout their time at the villa, the horny singletons were not allowed to kiss, there was no heavy petting, sex, or solo-self-gratification of any kind permitted. 

Many were motivated to stick with the rules because the cash prize of $200,000 (£163,548) would diminish every time someone broke a rule.

Despite this, the self-proclaimed “naughty Nigel” was unveiled as he forfeited a portion of the cash prize with his womanising ways. 

After matching with Kayla Richart, they shared a kiss which cost the group $3,000.

Although he wasn’t the only contestant breaking the rules, by episode five the group’s cash prize pool had dwindled to $117,000. 

While fans await part two for more Nigel action, the star accidentally revealed his fate in the remaining five episodes. 

Speaking exclusively to, the 29-year-old personal trainer shared: “Naughty Nigel has definitely come out to play.

“Under Lana, I definitely played to my best a good abstinence but when I got out to the real world, I was in a whirl.”

During part one, Nigel found himself in a complicated love triangle after he began flirting with Dominique Defoe after professing his affection for Kayla. 

When the two returned to the resort after an intimate date, Dominique asked Nigel about his date which was when he expressed his interest in her. 

While holding her hand Nigel told her: “I wish we had more time to talk and just feel each other out.”

However, this came back to bite him when Dominique informed Kayla, who decided to pursue Sebastian ‘Seb’ Melrose.

In the evening as all the couples went to bed, Nigel was taken aback to see Kayla tucked in beside Seb, leaving Dominique to sleep next to Nigel. 

Shocked, he told the producers: “Oh hell no,” as he questioned his new friend and added: “Seb? Why did she get into bed with Seb.”

While a dissatisfied Dominique shared: “I’m in bed with Nigel by default I guess, he is in the doghouse both with me and Kayla and I don’t know if he’s ever going to get out.”

Too Hot To Handle season 4, part 1 is available to stream on Netflix. Season 4, part 2 premieres on Wednesday, December 14.

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