Ukraine general forced to sit out war freed Shamefully, Germany had him banged up!

Ukrainian general was in German prison reveals expert

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A former NATO adviser has hailed the release of Ukrainian Brigadier General Giorgi Kalandadze from a prison in Germany. The US-trained commander was forced to miss the start of the Russian invasion after being imprisoned on “trumped-up charges” by the pro-Russian regime in his native Georgia. 

Professor Gwythian Prins told Good Morning Britain: “Brigadier General Giorgi Kalandadze…he’s one of the Ukrainian General Staff, he wasn’t [in Ukraine] at the beginning of the war, to command his troops for an extraordinary reason because he was in a German prison, having been put there on a trumped-up charge by the pro-Russian Georgian regime.

“Shamefully, the German Government at the very beginning, 24th of February, had had him banged up.

“It took a brave German judge actually you let him out, gave him his passport, and said go back and command your troops.

“So Kalandadze is back in the field that he is not just your average general he is a Georgian by birth he’s now Ukrainian by naturalisation but He’s a graduate of the United States rangers and Airborne School. So the shorthand is that we’ve got a fully swept up American general here on the field.”



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