US election 2020: Trump suffers huge blow as Boris ‘reaches out’ to Biden ‘Won’t be happy’

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US Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden looks increasingly set for a victory in the election. The American politician’s poll lead over incumbent President Donald Trump has increased in almost every area being sampled. This forecast win has even sparked a reaction from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to Good Morning Britain’s Chief Correspondent Richard Gaisford.

He told ITV viewers: “At this point it’s understood that the British Government is now reaching out to the Biden camp.

“Remember there’s been a bit of an issue with the Democrats.

“They aren’t happy with the way the UK Government is currently dealing with Brexit, and the problems that might cause with the Irish border.

“But, as one analyst has told me here, it is a necessity, and Donald Trump won’t be happy.”

White House columnist at The Hill newspaper, Niall Stanage offered further insight: “It does look like Joe Biden is a very strong favourite at this point.

“Yes, anything can happen, yes people will cite the 2016 election campaign.

“But if you had to put money on right now, you’d have to put it on Biden.

“Therefore I think it is prudent of the British Government to make overtures to his camp.”

Mr Gaisford added: “Donald Trump is off on the election campaign this week, really cranking things up.

“All eyes though will be on his performance because he has just recovered from a serious illness in what would appear to be increasingly rapid time.

“People are just wondering whether he will be able to stand the pace.”

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The US President and First Lady Melania Trump confirmed they had tested positive for coronavirus at the start of October.

This came after close aide and longtime adviser Hope Hicks also tested positive for the virus.

After announcing his diagnosis, President Trump’s condition declined and he was hospitalised as a result.

After three days, the American leader was released and has insisted he is doing well.

He has been making public appearances in an effort to close the poll gap with Mr Biden.

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