Van Der Valk viewers distracted by ‘very random’ accents in Amsterdam-based ITV reboot

VAN Der Valk viewers have been left distracted by ‘very random’ accents in the Amsterdam-based ITV reboot.

The three-part series premiered on Sunday night, with actor Marc Warren starring as detective Simon 'Piet' Van der Valk.

The reboot saw Simon investigating the death of two political activists in Amsterdam, but despite being set in the Dutch city, some viewers were disappointed the cast didn't embrace a local accent.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "Why is nobody Dutch?"

Another tweeted: "It amuses me when a TV show character is supposed to be a certain nationality yet sounds 100% English. In this case the whole “Dutch” cast of #VanDerValk."

A third was equally baffled, writing: "Oh dear, managed to sit through 15 minutes. Clichéd, samey, unimaginative nonsense, badly acted. And why does no one have a Dutch accent?"

The show originally aired between 1972 and 1992 and starred Barry Foster in the role.

But any fans tuning in for a trip down memory lane were disappointed to discover the classic theme tune had been scrapped.

Writing on Twitter, one disgruntled viewer said: "@ITV How can even consider #VanDerValk without THAT theme music? #fail."

Another tweeted: "The original Van Der Valk had theme music. Was the whole point of it. #VanDerValk."

Sadly the reboot wasn't a hit with critics either, with them branding the show 'boring' and 'miscast'.

The Independent said: "Even if we set aside the nostalgia factor, much of this failure must be down to a woeful casting for the lead.

"Marc Warren is a fine actor, and there’s nothing wrong with his VdV except that he just doesn’t fit."

Van der Valk continues on Sunday, May 3 at 8pm on ITV.

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