Virgin Rivers Charmaine star pens support to co-star for new role Excellent performance

Virgin River: Netflix releases trailer for third season

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Series regular Sarah Dugdale has traded small town romance for high school horror in the brand new Netflix film, There’s Someone Inside Your House. Her Virgin River co-star, Lauren Hammersley, caught the film over the weekend and took to Instagram in support of her actor friend’s latest career move. 

Hammersley promoted the new slasher flick on her official social media page and gave a shout-out to Dugdale’s performance as Katie Koons. 

She wrote: “Excellent performance, @sarahdugdale!!! Way to die, girl! (I love horror).” 

Down in the comments, Dugdale replied to the kind words: “Thanks so much Lauren!”

In the new horror film, Dugdale portrays one of the victims of a serial killer who stalks a group of high school students.

The banner for the film on Netflix also showcases the Virgin River star’s performance in the film.

Dugdale is front and centre as Katie in a blood-soaked shirt looking terrified as she’s hunted down by the film’s murderous villain.

In a spin on the classic slasher formula, this killer makes their terrorising extra sinister by wearing an ultra-realistic mask of his victim’s faces. 

Dugdale stars alongside Hammersley as Lizzie, the wayward niece of Connie (Nicola Cavendish) who arrives from Los Angeles in the second season of Virgin River.

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Unfortunately, her message of support wasn’t taken so well by some fans after spoiling the fate of Dugdale’s character in her latest Instagram post. 

IG user jagb88 commented: “Wait, she dies in the movie?”

And elly_foxed simply said: “Spoiler alert!” Thankfully there are still plenty of twists and turns for horror-heads to get their teeth stuck into.”

Dugdale has since made a strong impression on Virgin River fans, and is expected to return to her main role in the show’s newly announced fourth and fifth seasons. 

The actress is also no stranger to thrillers, having starred alongside Boyd Holbrook in another serial killer feature produced by Netflix, In the Shadow of the Moon.

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She also got her start appearing in three episodes of R.L. Stine’s the Haunting Hour, and has appeared in episodes of Arrow and Supernatural.  

Co-star Hammersley has recently been voted the most-hated character in television as Virgin River regular Charmaine Roberts. 

However, her future with the series is undecided as the actress’ social media posts confirm she’s currently in Nova Scotia, whereas the series is filmed in Vancouver. 

Her whereabouts may confirm a minimal role in Virgin River going forward, though there is still plenty of time before seasons four and five wrap up production.

Meanwhile, Netflix’s latest thriller from director Patrick Brice arrived at the start of October and has been scaring subscribers in the run-up to Halloween. 

There’s Someone Inside Your House also stars Sydney Park of The Walking Dead and Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists fame. 

Virgin River seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix.

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