Wendy Williams’ fans slam star for eating ‘so unhealthy’ after she shows off bacon and egg feast on rare day off – The Sun

WENDY Williams is being slammed by fans for her “nasty” and “unhealthy” diet while quarantined amid the global health crisis.

The outspoken talk show host, 55, shared a greasy plate of food with her 1.8 million Instagram followers as The Wendy Williams show took a rare day off from airing.

She wrote alongside the snap of various breakfast foods and meat on top of an English muffin:

“Real egg. Real bacon. Real muffin. Real hungry! What are you eating today?” She asked.

Fans immediately began responding with their at-home meals but many took issue with the “heart attack” inducing food choice.

“@WendyShow really burnt, really unappealing, really nasty looking, now i really gotta throw up,” one follower commented.

“Real heart Attack – Girl By this is EXACTLY why African-Americans suffer more from the Virus then any other race we need to eat foods that STRENGTHEN our Immune System.

“Greens Vegetables Fruit Baked foods as opposed to Fried but Live Ya Life,” someone said of better meal choices during the coronavirus pandemic.

Another fan fired off: “And you don’t gain a pound eating all this junk….who you fooling…its just advertisement….just don’t have your fans thinking you eating all this.”

“She should stop eating all these unhealthy things. It’s basically fatty food, all greased up, everything tardy.

“Isolation doesn’t mean unhealthy,” someone wrote under the high-calorie picture.

One of Wendy’s fans dragged the star for having no “class” for posting the picture of her meal as many Americans struggle providing food during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Wendy, I luv u & ur show, but ppl r starved looking 4 food, when u post on Instagram a huge meal, do u not think about others going hungry everyday. Pls have a bit more class,” they wrote.

The TV personality had a difficult week as she bursted into tears and tried to eat a fake cheeseburger on her TV show Monday.

Some viewers suggested the daytime talk show host's behavior was the sign she was having a breakdown.

During her at-home show, Wendy choked up as she looked at a fake glitter hamburger in front of her.

She said: "I wish that wasn't fake. It looks so delicious.

"I want to have a bite… It's 100% glitter, but a real pickle.”

Later in the episode, she responded to guest and television host's Michael Yo's discussion of his experience being diagnosed with coronavirus.

He said the disease is serious and people are dying alone – which no one deserves.

Wendy couldn't keep it together and began bawling after the interview: "That thing about dying alone. I can't even.”

After her breakdown, a fan tweeted: "I’m Wendy Williams is crazy. Watching 'Wendy at home' and it’s a hot a** mess. She crying and just acting strange.”

Another added: "@WendyWilliams needs help! Crying numerous times, looking disheveled #wendy #wendywilliams."

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