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AFTER the first season of the show received glowing reviews from critics and fans alike, Irish-drama Blood, returned for a second series on Monday, April 27, 2020.

Here’s what time it’s on tonight and what else you need to know before watching the show.

What time is Blood series 2 on Channel 5 tonight?

The first episode in the new series of Blood aired on Monday April 27, 2020.

It will be shown on Channel five at 9pm, tonight and throughout the week.

New episodes will be released daily, with the last being on Friday, May 1, 2020.

However, it has been revealed that the finale will be two episodes combined, making it feature-length.

Viewers who miss an episode the first time round can catch up later on My5.

What happened in the first series of Blood?

The first series was released in November 2018.

It was focused on a woman named Cat Hogan (Carolina Main), who heads back to her hometown in the wake of her mother, Mary’s (Ingrid Craigie) death.

Although her mother was suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, she suspects her father, Jim (Adrian Dunbar) has something to do with the death.

She spent many years attempting to escape her past, but returning to her old town threatens to ruin her progress.

In the gripping finale of series one, viewers learn the shocking truth about Mary’s death.

Emotional scenes show Mary, beg her husband Jim to help assist her in her death, to which he agrees.

Cat was shocked as her Dad finally revealed the truth of her beloved mum’s final moments.

His admission of guilt is followed by his arrest, which is how the first series concludes.

Following its success, Blood went on to be broadcast in more than 65 countries and also won the prestigious Writer’s Guild of Britain award.

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What happens in the second series?

The second series begins a year on from where the previous series left off.

Viewers see Jim return from prison on a mission to rebuild his family and make amends for his past when he learns the devastating news that his daughter Fiona, suffers from the same neurological disease as his late wife Mary.

Each of the six episodes flashback to the events that lead up to Fiona having a car crash as a result of her condition and then a subsequent investigation when police uncover something disturbing in the boot of her car.

Speaking about his character Jim’s return, Dunbar said: “Initially everything seems okay, however, what happens next is a series of incidents that draw Jim and Paul into what looks like a drug ring.”

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