‘What’s that face for!’ Naga Munchetty takes swipe at Matt Tebbutt

Naga Munchetty asks Matt Tebbutt 'What's that face for?'

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BBC Breakfast hosts Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt were on the sofa on Saturday morning, delivering the days’ top headlines. After finishing an interview, Naga handed over to Matt Tebbutt as he teased what was happening on his show today. However, Naga decided to take a swipe at his appearance when he first appeared on screen, as he seemed to have his face scrunched together.

Before speaking to Matt in his studio, Naga and Charlie were speaking to Chris Smith and Linda Bauld about their Halloween decorations.

Concluding the interview, Naga turned to Charlie and asked: “Do you like eating pumpkin?” To which he nodded and replied: “Soup.”

Naga agreed and said: “Spicy, if it’s got a kick to it, Matt Tebbutt, who else would we want, oh what’s that face for!”

As the camera switched from studio to studio, Matt could be seen pulling an unimpressed face at the camera.

He replied to Naga: “I’m just waiting to see what happens next, that’s all, I’m never quite sure I’m always slightly on guard at this point.”

Feeling upset about his remarks, Naga exclaimed: “Oh no, come on, there’s no need to be like that I’m sure you make the best pumpkin soup ever.”

“I made one this week actually,” Matt revealed. “It was very nice, spiced pumpkin soup, lots of chilli, lots of ginger.

“I’m losing my voice a little bit this morning, I thought it’d help, it didn’t help,” he said.

Naga teased: “Well, we can be thankful for the small things at least,” which left Matt laughing in shock.

Handing back to the BBC presenters, Naga advised him to keep drinking hot honey and lemon to soothe his throat.

He pointed to the mug he was holding and replied: “Can you see this? Have a look at that, can you see this?

“I’m off the coffee this morning, there’s a bit of turmeric in here, they’re looking after me,” Matt said, referring to the people in the studio.

“Good luck Matt, I hope you feel better soon,” Naga told him before they reconvened with their news segments.

Friends and colleagues Matt and Naga are known for often firing brutal digs at one another, however, always know it’s a joke.

Matt’s recent dig towards Naga referred to her as a scorpion after speaking about eating insects.

Ending their segment once again with Chris and Linda, Naga said: “Eating insects is quite trendy, I mean, I’ve eaten scorpion, that was kind of quite fitting, Matt Tebbutt, good morning.”

They then went on to speak about plants and keeping them alive in the pots, to which Naga said: “Are your plant pots like really clean and neat then?” To which Matt sarcastically replied: “Yes.”

“Totally are, green fingers me, my wife does they’re nice to have around, shall we carry on talking about plants, shall we talk about food?” Matt suggested.

“If you want to, if you can make it more interesting, I know it’s a challenge for you but give it a go,” she poked at Matt.

“Ok, well, thanks very much, ooh, there’s that scorpion sting,” he joked with Naga laughing in the background.

BBC Breakfast airs every day from 6am on BBC One. 
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