Where do Joe and Kendra Duggar live and how big is their house?

It’s granted that when you have 19 kids and counting, you’ll need some space to put them all. Perhaps that’s why Counting On’s Kendra Duggar and her husband, Joseph, had the foresight to renovate a new home before the arrival of their first baby, Garrett. The property is located just 500 to 600 yards away from the clan’s main home in Arkansas, which is where most of the Duggar family resides, according to PopCulture. The cozy log-cabin-like home was originally owned by Joe’s grandma, and it was moved several times onto different properties.

It seems the home has finally found its final plot of land (for now), though. Joe and Kendra took about seven months to remodel the place, updating the interior into a modern, sleek space that’s welcoming for baby and guests alike. The rustic home is plenty spacious for a family of four (and maybe even more in the future), with a dining room, guest bedroom, spacious kitchen, game room, nursery, master bedroom, and living room.

Their home has a lot of history

The home has a lot of significance for the Duggar family. “My grandma owned it back when my dad was growing up,” Joe said on a 2018 episode of Counting On, according to Distractify. “He lived in here for a little while, and then whenever she sold the property, they weren’t going to use the house and so we decided to move it here.”

Although the home has sentimental value, that didn’t keep the couple from doing some major renovations — many of which Joe did himself over the course of over seven months. “We’ve pretty much stripped the whole thing. We took all the old carpet out. We put in some wood floors,” he explained. He and Kendra then decorated the home with valuables that the family had collected over the years.

And even though their home is just a walking distance away from Joe’s parents’ home, they do expect a certain level of privacy. “I think my parents will be great making sure [the younger siblings] understand this is Joe and Kendra’s house. You’re not supposed to come over whenever you feel like it,” the dad of two (so far) said.

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