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MARRIED At First Sight UK is returning with another season – and whilst some couples live happily ever after others sign the divorce papers.

From Australia to the UK, the show has created some long-lasting relationships – here's a look at how some of the couples fared since being on the show.

Which Married At First Sight UK couples are still together?

From the first and second series of hit Channel 4 show Married At First Sight, none of the couples have stayed together.

However, they definitely gave it a good go and there were some successes in later series.

Find out here what happened with their relationships, and whether they're still in touch…

Series one

Emma and James

Emma and James, who were the first ever couple to walk down the aisle, ended their marriage 34 weeks after the wedding.

The reason for their divorce was that they weren't sexually attracted to each other.

Kate and Jason

Kate and Jason went through with their wedding, but split just days after – because Jason was caught using Tinder.

He has since remarried, while Kate remains single.

Sam and Jack

This couple didn't even go through with their wedding – mainly because her family pressured Sam to back out.

The pair dated away from the show, but split within four months.

Series two

Lucie and Steve

Lucie and Steve split after six weeks together, but have remained friends and still meet up regularly for a coffee and a chat.

Melissa and Clark

The pair went through with their wedding and moved in together, with Clark quitting his bachelor pad in Milton Keynes and living with Melissa at her home in London.

However, they didn't stay together and split after just five months.

Sara and Adam

Sara and Adam lasted a year together – even though they had a huge fight on camera after Adam got drunk on their honeymoon. They moved in together, but got divorced after 12 months due to lack of chemistry.

Caroline and Adam

Caroline and Adam split after a year, even though they bought a pet rabbit and lived together.

Caroline has since found love with a new man.

Series three

Stephanie and Ben

Stephanie and Ben had instant chemistry, and both thought they'd found their perfect match when they walked down the aisle.

They enjoyed a passionate honeymoon, but things turned sour when they got back home and they struggled to live together.

Ben apparently got cold feet, and he left his wedding ring at home, stopped sleeping with Stephanie, and ran away to Portugal.

After property millionaire Ben whisked Steph away on a holiday to one of his apartments in Cyprus, the couple had a heart to heart and began to work on their issues together – and it seemed to work.

But just one week after the show ended, Ben revealed that he had left Steph and that he had already moved on.

As their divorce finalised Ben went into the Celebrity Big Brother home and revealed that he was having a baby with his mystery girlfriend.

Harriet and Richard

Scientifically, Harriet and Richard seemed to be the strongest match – but it wasn't meant to be.

Richard tried his best to win Harriet over, but she couldn't feel the spark.

In the series finale, they filed for divorce after sleeping in separate bedrooms just a week into living together.

Speaking to the experts after revealing the decision to divorce, finance director Harriet said: “Obviously I didn’t want, expect it to end in divorce so I think I definitely leave with a heavy heart.”
However, police officer Richard, 28, admitted he was downcast by the decision and said he would have liked to give it longer.

He said: “It feels so rubbish to kind of not make your wife feel that way. I think deflated just hits the nail on the head.”

Jonathan and Stephanie

In the first episode of series three, property manager Jonathan, 35, said: “If this can’t work with so much preparation ­matching us, what can?”

And the first impressions are looking good, with nurse Stephanie, 28, saying: "When I first saw him I thought ‘Oh, he’s smiling,’ which is a good sign. It’s felt very natural and normal throughout.”

However, things did NOT work out for the couple.

The Sun exclusively revealed how they split up just days after tying the knot.

Series Four

Jack and Verity

Office manager Verity told the Daily Mirror: "The show’s always fascinated me. This year I thought I’m prepared to take the risk – it’s my last resort to be honest.”

Jack was seen sinking a shot before walking down the aisle, explaining: “I’ve always gone for the wrong person before.

“My parents think I’m bonkers. I saw my mum earlier and as she looked at me she said: ‘You can still run.’”

But despite early reservations the pair got on well and decided to stay married – despite never getting sexual.

However, it wasn't meant to be and Jack pulled out of the marriage six weeks later, leaving Verity heartbroken.

Series five

Michelle and Owen

Michelle and Owen managed to make their marriage work away from the cameras – and are now happily married and living in Sheffield – with Michelle moving to the City to be with her husband.

During the final episode, Owen was asked by the experts if he would like to stay married, Owen replied: "100% yes. She's fantastic. She's awesome."

They pair also have a joint Instagram account where they share loved up snaps – and their MAFS success.

Shareen and David

Shareen, 47 and David, 56 made MAFS history – being the oldest couple to ever be matched on the show.

The couple seemed to have potential in the beginning, but just 48-hours into their marriage and the cracks began to show.

During their honeymoon, Shareen wasn't happy with his tattoos and survival kit containing massage oil, burning scents and 30 condoms.

The couple split after the show – but appear to have remained friendly.

Series six

Nikita and Ant

Nikita and Ant were one of the first couples to tie the knot in season 6 of Married At First Sight – however, the pair didn't end their journey together.

It was then revealed that Married at First Sight UK star Nikita had been removed from show for "unacceptable aggression" off camera, putting an end to hers and Ant's time on the show.

Ant then re-entered the process with Alexis, but that didn't work out either.

Since the show Nikita re-entered the world of reality dating, taking part in Celebs Go Dating.

Megan and Bob

Megan and Bob had what only could be described as a rocky journey on the show – after Megan admitted she wasn't attracted to Bob.

However, despite her doubts – Megan stuck out the experiment.

But their relationship was rocked to the core when news of Megan's Affair with fellow MAFS star Jordon came to light – resulting in the pair calling it quits.

Despite not finding love on the show, Bob defiantly found friendship – he appears to remain close with  a lot of the cast, particularly Morag.

The friends regularly share candid snaps on social media – sharing their new-found friendship with the shows fans.

Morag and Luke

Morag and Luke didn't hit it off on their wedding day – after Morag admitted Luke wasn't her usual type and that she disliked his clothes

However, the feeling wasn't mutual – and Luke decided he would change up his wardrobe to impress his new wife.

Things seemed good between the newlyweds – that is until, Luke dropped the L-bomb and Morag didn't feel the same.

Despite their differences the couple decided to remain together after the show, but by the time the reunion show aired – Morag and Luke had called it quits.

Dan and Matt

Dan and Matt made history as the shows first ever same-sex couple.

They hit it off from the get go, and as the experiment played out, the couple only grew closer.

Their only marital issue was the distance between them both – with Dan living in Ireland and Matt living in Leeds.

But despite the thousands of miles between them, the pair decided to remain together – and they are still together today.

Matt eventually made the move to Ireland – and they couple are now discussing the possibility of starting their own family in the future.

Tayah and Adam

Tayah and Adam can only be described as the most loved-up couple from series six.

Both during the show and after the couple have gone from strength to strength.

The pair have started expanding their family with adorable cockapoo pup River and Tayah is now pregnant with their first baby.

Married At First Sight Australia

The couples from the Australasian version of the show have had slightly more success than their UK counterparts.

Unlike the UK version of the show, the couples do not partake in a legally binding marriage.
Let's get the lowdown on their romances…

Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner

Zoe and Alex, who appeared on the first series of the show, never got married but have a baby together.

They welcomed Harper into the world in November 2016.

Despite fans' thinking their relationship was going to last forever, they announced their split in 2018.

Erin and Bryce

The couple, who "tied the knot" on season two of Married at First Sight, are still going strong and Erin revealed that she's keen to walk down the aisle for real

In 2018, the pair shared that they were planning to say their "I do"s and have a small and affordable wedding ceremony in the near future.

The couple celebrated their seventh year anniversary in 2022.

They have also spoken with New Idea about babies, with Bryce telling the publication: "Erin would make an amazing mum!"

Sarah and Telv

Sarah and Telv were involved in an explosive breakup.

Sarah accused Telv of owing her money, and telling her she can't wear high heels because of his insecurity regarding his height.

Telv denied all of her claims and said Sarah's lies ruined the experience for him.

Sarah revealed that she was going through with IVF treatment to have a baby as a single mother.

Jules and Cameron

Jules and Cameron fell in love instantly on season six of the show.

The pair officially tied the knot in November 2019.

The couple also announced in April 2020 that they are expecting their first child.

Oliver Chase Merchant was born on October 3, 2020.

Martha and Michael

Martha and Michael also decided to stay together during their final vows.

There were rumours they had later split up when Martha was spotted hanging out with an ex.

However, they seem to be going really strong and still together with Martha admitting on the 2021 reunion show: "We're more surprised [that we're still together] than the rest of you guys to be honest!"

That same year the pair announced their engagement – and fans were delighted.

Elizabeth and Seb

Seb excited fans when he was spotted looking at wedding rings back in June 2020.

The pair announced that they would be moving in together.

Elizabeth and Seb were planning to officially tie the knot, but shockingly ended things in January 2021.

Elizabeth shared the news alongside a photo of herself with Seb.

She penned: "We have mutually decided to end our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. We want to thank everyone for the endless support we have received on our platforms."

Kerry and Johnny

Kerry and Johnny entered series 8 as 'intruders' – late contestants entering to stir things up.

During the show the pair hit it off, and off air their relationship went from strength to strength.

Kerry made the move to Brisbane to be with Johnny – and the pair regularly have fans going wild over their cute and candid beach snaps.

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