Who are RETRIBUTION? WWE reveals name of new faction taking over company

When WWE announced a new faction was set to take over Raw earlier this week, there was a lot of buzz about the show.

By the end of Monday night, it might be fair to say there are even more unanswered questions with very little revealed about the mysterious group and what it means for the landscape of the red brand.

One thing we do know is they’ve already got a name, with an article on WWE.com reading: ‘Video showed a group of masked assailants tossing Molotov cocktails at the WWE Performance Center’s power generator, setting it on fire.

‘WWE.com has learned that the faction behind the attack is calling themselves RETRIBUTION.

‘Little else is known about RETRIBUTION, aside from the fact that causing chaos seems to be their sole motivation.’

After the initial announcement, fans were speculating that Undisputed Era could be the group set to debut, but it doesn’t look to be the case.


Not only were there five members shown during the attack, but at least one of the voices appeared to be a woman, which would rule out the UE unless they’ve enlisted another member.

This was strengthened after SmackDown when the group stormed the Performance Center and caused utter destruction, with the group looking to feature a couple of women alongside three men.

It’s not clear who is actually going to make up the new faction, but fans already have their own ideas, ranging from superstars released in April to more realistic possibilities.

Interestingly, NXT stars Dominik Dijakovic and Tommaso Ciampa have both wiped their Twitter and Instagram profiles, with no posts remaining on either platform.

On Twitter, both wrestlers have replaced their pictures with a black square, with Dijakovic using the same on Instagram while Ciampa still appears to have his own snap.

Fans have also speculated that Vanessa Bourne and Chelsea Green could be involved in the group.

Meanwhile, Aleister Black – was recently written off television after a vicious attack from Seth Rollins on Raw – has also got people talking after promising to re-write his history as he suggested a character change.

Although he has also posted black squares alongside his recent posts, it’s unclear if his narrative would fit the new faction.

Time will tell, and WWE will be glad people are talking before the group has really made their presence felt.

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