Will there be a season 4 of Dynasty on Netflix? – The Sun

FANS of Dynasty can't wait to find out if the Carrington family will return for season 4.

The show has been a huge hit for The CW and Netflix – so here's what we know so far about a fourth offering of the series.

Will there be a Dynasty season 4?

Fans can breathe a sign of relief as The CW has officially renewed the show for  a fourth season.

However, we might have a wait for it to air.

The current pandemic has halted production, so we won't see it this year (2020) but it could air in 2021.

After each episode has aired in the US, they will each be available in the UK on Netflix the following day.

What will happen in Dynasty season 4?

The biggest event that fans are looking forward to is Fallon and Liam’s wedding that will be shown in the next upcoming season.

But when has anything ever gone to plan at the Carrington manor, so expect more drama and back-stabbing from the uber-rich family.

Plus fans are keen to see if Anders will blow Adam's cover, and tell Blake that he thinks he pushed Alexis into the fire.

What happened at the end of Dynasty season 3?

The show paid homage to the film The Hangover when Fallon and her friends woke up in a messy hotel room after a night of debauchery at her bachelorette party – which none of them could remember.

They then spent the day trying to piece what happened together, which even saw Sam marry a stripper and the super rich Fallon rob a store.


Back in Atlanta, Adam did further damage to Blake’s uneasy relationship with the Moldavians, which could cost him millions.

Meanwhile Alexis and Jeff consummated their marriage after she found herself experiencing feelings for her platonic husband.

The show ended with Anders flying off to find out the truth about Adam’s past after working out that he was the one who pushed Alexis into the fire.

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