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THE action drama series Gangs of London on Sky Atlantic had viewers glued to the edge of their seats.

Many are wondering if it's set to make a return for a second series – here's what you need to know.

Will there be a series 2 of Gangs of London?

The first series aired on Sky Atlantic and had 9 episodes.

So far, Sky haven't confirmed if there will be a series 2.

But creator Gareth Evans and director Corin Hardy told Metro.co.uk they have "big plans".

"I think there’s lots of things up for grabs and we’ve got a lot of big ideas but it’s obviously it’s up to the crowd watching if there’s another one.

"That was the thing that blew my mind, it was seeing people staying up until 1am watching online."

So it seems like a second series is in the pipeline as the creators are already coming up with ideas – though they are keeping them close to their chests for now.

How did series 1 of Gangs of London end?

WARNING: Contains spoilers for Gangs of London series 1

The Wallaces are in hiding.

Marian is shot by Ed Dumani and is wounded but pretends to die.

Elliot's cover is discovered by Shannon and Sean, making Shannon so furious she kills Vicky while Sean suddenly switches the side he's on and decides he wants to bring an end to The Investors.

Alex threatens Sean with a gun, who managed to persuade him against shooting – only for Elliot to grab the gun and shot instead.

Elliot was threatened with the murder of others if he didn't get rid of Sean.

Elliot tells Alex to run so he's left to take the fall.

After being tortured by police, a doctor on the side of The Investors gets him out.

It's revealed that during his torture he managed to keep hold of Sean's SIM card hidden in his mouth.

Gangs of London series 2 plot – what might happen?

As Elliot starts to work for The Investors, the some of the questions around this group might be answered, such as who's involved.

Whether or not Sean is alive should be answered too – different members of the crew have said contrasting things.

Director Corin Hardy said "it was planned from the start that Sean Wallace would die".

But co-creator Gareth Evans said they wanted to keep this plot point vague and open.

"I think we've kept that pretty open of where Elliot shot him."

So perhaps the character could make a grim return.

Sean's mother Marian definitely did fake her death – so we can expect her to return in secret.

Digital Spy have predicted she might team up with Finn's mistress, Floriana.

It looks likely that Alex will head up the Wallace organisation given the way series 1 ended – which might mean he and Elliot have to work together.

Shannon might be forced to change her mind about leaving London if the Dumanis are in control.

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