Addicts given beer, cigarettes and WEED by county officials to keep them in coronavirus quarantine – The Sun

ADDICTS have been given beer, cigarettes and weed by county officials to get them to stay in the coronavirus quarantine.

King County officials in Washington are providing addicts with their vices so that they won't leave the recovery center.

The center was set up for people who are suspected of having the coronavirus but can't quarantine at home or are homeless.

Some of those being housed at the facility are addicts and threaten to leave when their withdrawals begin.

To combat this, officials are giving them beer, cigarettes and – until recently – marijuana, Fox News reported.

Officials said that they stopped offering the weed edibles as it does not create the same debilitating detox effects are alcohol and nicotine.

The amount of booze is limited and the facility is offering nicotine patches first before cigarettes.

Health officials also confirmed that the products are not purchased with taxpayers money, but are covered out of pocket by a county department head.

Fox reported that, as of Wednesday night, 10 people were staying at the Shoreline facility and two of which are being provided with their "essentials" to encourage them to stay in the center.

King County Councilmember Rod Dembowski, whose district includes Shoreline, said in a statement obtained by the outlet: “No taxpayer funds should be used for the acquisition and/or distribution of recreational marijuana, alcohol or tobacco at these emergency medical facilities.

"This field hospital has been a great success story in our nation-leading response to the COVID-19 crisis, with rapid deployment and incredible community support while providing the necessary medical care for those quarantined there.

"We can’t lose the trust and confidence of our community in this work.”

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