Almost three MILLION may have been infected with coronavirus in NY as ‘one in five in NYC test positive for antibodies’ – The Sun

ALMOST 3 million NYC residents tested positive for coronavirus in a random sampling, as one in five people tested positive for antibodies, New York Governor Cuomo revealed.

The data indicates 1.7 million New Yorkers may have been infected in the Big Apple and means the COVID-19 mortality rate – between 0.6 and 0.8 percent – exceeds the flu's 0.1 percent mortality rate.

There were 3,000 tests conducted over two days in 19 counties and 40 localities, Cuomo told reporters during his daily press briefing.

He said samples were collected from people "out and about" at grocery stores and other stores.

"These were people who were outside," the governor explained. "13.9 percent tested positive for having the antibodies.

"They had the virus, they developed antibodies and they are now recovered."

This means 2.7 million people were infected with coronavirus statewide.

The prevalence of the killer virus surged in bustling NYC, where 21.2 percent of participants percent tested positive, Cuomo confirmed Thursday.

The densely populated city of 8.4million confirmed well over 10,000 COVID-related deaths, with another 5,052 presumed deaths stemming from the vicious virus.

Although the state touted the accuracy of the tests, Cuomo conceded that 15,500 fatalities wasn't an accurate number statewide, given the amount of at home deaths that had occurred.

The antibody test results varied on a regional basis, with 21.2 percent of NYC residents testing positive, while 16.6 percent of Long Islanders tested positive for the virus-fighting blood protein.

Upstate, in areas like Rockland and virus hotspot Westchester, 11.7 percent of participants tested positive for antibodies with a rate of 3.6 percent in the rest of the state.

All of the people in the study were over 18 and eight percent of them aged between 18 and 24, with percent between 45 and 54. Thirteen percent were aged 75-plus.

The data shows the men tested – who accounted for 48 percent of the total – were more likely to develop antibodies at 15.9 percent than women (12 percent).

The findings also demonstrate the virus was disproportionately high among African Americans and Latinos.

They accounted for 20 percent of the results versus 9.1 percent who were White and 11.7 percent were Asian.

Cuomo said the results would be investigated and he aimed to implement more testing in those communities, citing churches as possible testing sites.

He acknowledged that the unknown COVID-19 deaths was certainly a worrying aspect after California revealed its first death may have occurred as early as February 6.

"That 15,500 is not an accurate total number of deaths because it does not count in-home deaths," he told reporters. "There will have been many other deaths … [but those people] were never tested." 


He noted the hospitalization and intubation rates are down in New York, while new cases are relatively flat.

But Cuomo confirmed 438 more patients lost their lives yesterday.

New York's PAUSE measure is in place until My 15 as CDC guidelines say rates should be steadily declining for a fortnight before reopening.

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