Argument Over $10 Leads to Fatal Shooting of 36-Year-Old Ohio Man: Authorities

An argument over $10 ended in a fatal shooting in Middletown, Ohio, earlier this week, the Dayton Daily News reported.

Dhameer Haamid Scott, 24, and John Booker, 36, got into a fight about money at a home where Scott's father and Booker’s mother live. The fight ended in the fatal shooting of Booker and Scott has since been charged with murder, Middletown court records indicate.

According to a Facebook post from the Middletown Police Department, authorities received a call that someone had been shot at the residence on Monday evening.

Upon arrival, officers found that Booker had been injured by gunfire. He was then transported to the hospital, where he later died. Police were initially looking for Scott as a person of interest following the shooting, but he turned himself in on Wednesday.

Dayton Daily News cited court documents indicating that Scott went to the home on Monday to drop off $30 for his younger brother. When Booker arrived at the home later on that day, he took $10 from the cash that was sitting on a shelf and refused to put it back despite demands from Scott’s father, Desmont Johnson Sr., to return it.

Scott's father called him to report that Booker took the money and Scott returned to the home on Monday night, at which point a verbal altercation began and quickly turned violent.

“Johnson Sr. advised Dhameer Scott and another friend of Scott’s arrived together (at the residence) and Scott entered the residence with a gun in his hand,” Detective Steve Winters wrote in the court document outlining the charge against Scott.

Booker’s mother, Vicki, attempted to intervene before the fight moved to the front porch, where Scott allegedly shot Booker. Police first heard of the incident when a woman called 911 reporting her son had been shot and was lying in the yard.

“There has been a shooting at my house, I need an ambulance,” the woman told dispatchers. “There was an altercation in the home and he got shot.”

The woman then said she knew the person who shot her son, giving the name “Dhameer” and then said his father was there and “is going to tell me his last name.” She told dispatchers that Booker had been shot in the side and was “bleeding real bad.”

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