Beautician, 35, died after taking liquid ecstasy

Beautician, 35, with a ‘£100-a-night lifestyle’ died after taking liquid ecstasy before police found her body two days later, inquest hears

  • Claire Anderson’s bruised body was found at her Doncaster home in July 2020 
  • South Yorkshire Police officers arrested a man, 38, who she had met in Australia
  • The enquiry was dropped and the man, her friend, was released without charge 
  • A coroner ruled out foul play and said Ms Anderson died a drug-related death

A beautician who enjoyed a ‘£100-a-night lifestyle’ died after taking liquid ecstasy, an inquest heard today. 

Claire Anderson’s badly bruised body was found by police at her home in Doncaster, in July 2020, after a friend asked a neighbour to ring an ambulance.

The 35-year-old had been taking liquid ecstasy (GBL) and cocaine regularly and had high levels of them in her system.

Her body was discovered at the property by officers two days after she passed away.  

Claire Anderson’s badly bruised body was found by police at her home in Doncaster, just before 9.30pm on July 11, 2020

Detective constable Alex Britland of South Yorkshire Police’s Major Crime Unit, who appeared before the inquest via videolink, said officers later arrested a 38-year-old man, a friend Ms Anderson had met in Australia.

DC Britland said the inquiry was initially treated as a criminal investigation and that Miss Anderson’s flat was a ‘crime scene’.

The man, who had met Miss Anderson in Australia several years ago and had stayed with her for a couple of weeks, told the court she was very sociable and ‘liked a party’ adding they would party ‘for four days out of 10’.

Detective constable Britland said: ‘In his opinion he said Crack had a negative effect on her but the other drugs seemed to make her happy and would spend £100 a night on her lifestyle.’ 

The inquest heard he went round to her flat and ‘found Claire lying on the floor. He saw a crack pipe and it looked like she had been partying….he tried to give her CPR but there was no response.

‘He said he could taste alcohol on her mouth. He asked a neighbour to ring for an ambulance.’ 

A forensic post mortem revealed the bruises were likely to have been suffered by Miss Anderson while under the influence of drink or drugs. The enquiry was dropped and her friend was released without charge.

Earlier Miss Anderson’s brother said he was ‘very close’ to his sister but said she lived a ‘chaotic lifestyle’.

He said his relationship with his sister had become strained in the weeks leading up to her death after she stole his bank card and using it to withdraw £180 which she used to spend on drugs.

A friend, who last saw Miss Anderson on July 7, said: ‘I went to her house. The flat was in a mess and she was in a bad way. She suffered from depression, was drinking and was addicted to GBL.’

Another friend said: ‘I knew she took GBL but she knew what her limit was. She liked to have a a drink, but she was happy with no problems. She was just p***** off that she had no money.’

She arrived at the flat soon after her friend’s body was discovered, adding: ‘I just screamed. I was in a panic. I knew she was dead.’ 

In his summary of the evidence, assistant coroner Matt Stanbury said: ‘Claire had a very happy childhood apart from one traumatic incident outside the home, [on a family holiday in Tenerife when she was 13-years-old], which had a considerable impact on her.

‘She had a passion for health and beauty and gained a number of qualifications in that field and started her own business (after spending £15,000 on training).

‘Unfortunately that business had to be wound up in 2020 and Claire was declared bankrupt.’

He said she developed a problematic relationship with alcohol and drugs and suffered from anxiety and depression. 

Following a toxicology report which found traces of cocaine and high levels of the liquid ecstasy drug GHB in her blood, the coroner concluded she died from a drug-related death. 

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