Belgians urged to eat more fries during coronavirus pandemic

Belgians are being called on to eat an extra portion of fries each week to help with the potato surplus during coronavirus lockdowns, according to a report.

Potato farmers have blamed restaurant closures for sacking them with an excess this year that could reach 750,000 tons of leftovers, CNN reported.

Belgapom, the country’s association for potato producers, issued the call to action, claiming the farmers risk destroying the product, the outlet report.

Romain Cools, who is the director, noted that Belgians typically eat fries outside of their homes, once a week, at restaurants — “contrary to other countries like the United States, where fries are often a side dish for their meals.”

Fry consumption has taken a hit since the start of the pandemic by decreasing 40% worldwide, the group said.

Cools said that the country doubling its fry intake would “enable our processors to avoid food waste by processing more potatoes and storing them in our freezers — which are nearly full now,” according to the report.

“By eating an extra portion during this crisis they could collaborate with farmers and the industry to avoid food losses,” Cools said.

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