Boris Johnson to urge Angela Merkel to DROP EU-wide quarantine for Brit tourists as UK leads Covid strain research

BORIS Johnson will next week urge Angela Merkel to allow British tourists to travel to EU countries this summer.

The PM will meet the German leader at Chequers on Friday amid increasing fears she is pushing to impose a European Union-wide quarantine on British tourists — including those who have been double-jabbed.

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Government sources told The Mail on Sunday they fear British tourists are being unfairly punished by the EU.

It is claimed the UK is being penalised because of its advanced ability to spot new mutations of the virus mutation.

Tomorrow, Germany, with the support of France, will propose an EU-wide 14-day quarantine policy for visitors from what it considers countries of concern for Covid variants, including the UK.

The move threatens to derail holidays for millions of Britons, who have rushed to book trips to Ibiza, Majorca, Menorca, Malta and Madeira.

This came after the UK Government put them on its green list of places not requiring quarantine on return.

Greece, a major destination for holidaying Brits, has told Germany to step up their vaccination rates instead of shutting out British tourists. 

Germany has an inferior jabs roll-out and higher daily death rate, while 60 per cent of Brits are double jabbed.

Spain is also defying attempts by Merkel to impose an EU-wide mandatory quarantine for all Brits.

Cyprus, Malta and Portugal are also expected to follow suit.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps blamed the EU's slow jab rate for the German Chancellor's bid to block British holidaymakers. 

He told BBC Breakfast: "I think it is understandable if you are in Germany … and you have yet to reach the level of vaccination that we have seen here or in Malta, that you're going to be more concerned. That may be just a question of waiting for their vaccination programme."

Huw Merriman, chairman of the Commons transport committee, said it would be “madness” for the EU nations to impose mandatory quarantine, considering how much they contribute to their hosts’ economies. 

Families got a much-needed holiday boost this week as ministers confirmed double-jabbed Brits would NOT need to quarantine when they return to Britain in future.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed the move on Thursday after Boris said now was the time to open up international travel again.

Those who have had two vaccinations will get greater freedom to fly around the world and won't have to follow as many rules when they return – as they are fully protected against Covid.

It means that amber-list destinations like Spain, France and Greece will be on the cards within weeks – possibly as soon as August.

Further details will be set out next month.

Brits will have to have two jabs and wait two weeks after that to be able to fly away on holiday.

Kids are expected to be allowed to go and won't have to quarantine either – as they haven't been jabbed yet.

But ministers will iron out the final details later.

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