British tourist captures eerie videos of deserted Benidorm bars once buzzing with boozers as coronavirus hammers resort

A BRITISH tourist captured these eerie videos of a deserted Benidorm once buzzing with boozers now quiet as coronavirus keeps people away.

Stephen Feather, 39, took the videos to show what the normally bustling resort had become post-Covid during a five-day break with his partner Claire Mckeown, 39, last week.

Spain had lifted the 14-day quarantine rules for British travellers at the end of June.

Despite this, the videos show the usually packed holiday destination unrecognisably quiet with many bars on the popular Calle Gerona closed and flights back from nearby Alicante airport half empty.

A whole road of shops are also seen to be closed on a silent, deserted street.

And as the video shows, even the bars that are open are strangely only filled with a few customers.

The couple, from Yeadon, Leeds, had the whole row to themselves on the return flight with many seats left unoccupied.

And Stephen, a luggage handler, who has been to Benidorm three times before, could hardly believe how quiet the popular tourist spot was.

He said: "I’ve visited Benidorm three times before and I’ve never seen it that dead.

"There were hardly any bars open and the streets were deserted.

"Normally it’s absolute chaos. The streets are full of laughter and there’s music blaring from all the bars.

"The old town was still fairly busy, but as you went into the new town it fizzled out until you got to the strip where there was barely anything open.

"It was a bit weird but to be honest it was nice to see another side to Benidorm.

"It makes you appreciate the town in a whole different way."

Stephen and Claire flew out to Alicante Airport from Leeds Bradford Airport on July 3 and returned on July 7 on a Ryanair flight Stephen claims was less than half full, with only around 70 people on board.

It was the first time he had visited the Costa Blanca since the Covid-19 pandemic, having previously spent a week in the nearby beach resort of L’Albir in February.

And even with the ongoing threat of coronavirus, Stephen was not concerned about heading to Spain, saying he felt safer in Benidorm than back in Britain.

The dad said: “I wasn’t too worried about the coronavirus risk.

“It’s so clean in Benidorm, not like back here.

“There’s compulsory masks anywhere you go and there’s hand sanitiser available everywhere.

“Everyone was abiding by the rules and there’s roped off squares showing you were you can sit on the beach.

“I’m going back in two weeks and taking my daughter, Chelsea, for the first time for four days.

“I’m hoping it will be busier then so that she can experience Benidorm in all its glory and see what it’s really all about.”

Spain was one of the worst-hit European countries at the beginning of the pandemic and its death toll, along with Italy's, spiralled out of control.

But with the numbers of deaths and cases steadily falling over the last few months, the country has welcomed back tourists to give the economy a boost.

Benidorm and other hot-spots won't be the same for British travellers, however, with drones monitoring beaches to enforce social distancing and a traffic-light system some of the ideas raised to help ensure public safety.

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