Buffalo protestor, 75, who fractured skull when pushed to ground by a cop leaves hospital after 26 days – The Sun

A 75-year-old protestor who was filmed being pushed to the ground by police officers during protests in Buffalo has been released from hospital after almost four weeks.

Martin Gugino was attending a protest outside City Hall on June 4 when a line of police officers cleared the relatively empty area and pushed him to the ground.

Gugino fell and hit the back of his head, factoring his skull, which required him to be hospitalized for 26 days.

A video of the incident was shared social media, garnering a viral response and sparking more anger during protests against police brutality.

The incident rose as high as the White House, with President Trump claiming the incident might have been a "set up" and Gov. Andrew Cuomo mocking such claims.

On Tuesday, Gugino was released from the Erie County Medical Center, his attorney said.

Kelly Zarcone, Gugino's lawyer, said in a statement: "I was able to see Martin today and he looks great. He can walk with a little help and his condition will continue to improve with rest and time."

"I brought him the cards and letters sent to my office and he said he still felt overjoyed at the continued support and well-wishes, 'like it was Christmas Day.'"

According to Zarcone, Gugino is now recovering at an "undisclosed location."

The 75-year-old has been a regular at protests across New York State, friends told ABC News, and he is a regular volunteer for Catholic charities.

His friends added that Gugino has never been anything but peaceful when protesting for various causes.

Zarcone added: "Martin said that he is pleased at the progress made so far to protect the safety of peaceful protesters, a topic near and dear to his heart.

"He respects the burden of authority placed upon law enforcement but looks forward to the continued implementation of systemic changes to eliminate police brutality."

Officers Aaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe were charged with second-degree assault in the relation to the incident.

Both officers, who were released on their own recognizance, pleaded not guilty.

Gugino's fall reached the highest levels of political discussion in the United States – even being addressed by President Donald Trump.

On June 9, Trump tweeted a conspiracy about the incident, saying the incident might have been a "set up" and Gugino may be an "ANTIFA provocateur."

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo hit back at the claims, stating: "What do you think, it was staged? You think that the blood coming out of his head was staged? Is that what you are saying?"

Zarcone, speaking at the time, called Trump's accusations "dark, dangerous, and untrue."

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