Disabled mother-of-four misses out on £3.6m EuroMillions jackpot

It COULDN’T be you! ‘Gutted’ mother-of-four misses out on £3.6m jackpot by changing her regular lottery numbers for one week only

  • Disabled Lorna Hart, 45,  loses out on £3.6m as she changes her usual EuroMillions numbers on a lucky dip to try her luck
  • Hart gave up work eight years ago and the money would have meant a great deal to her family as ‘it’s tough at the moment’
  • Would trade the Lotto money to live a normal life without disability
  • She will now use her losing ticket numbers every week to see if she could win

A mother-of-four is kicking herself after she missed out on a whopping £3.6 million jackpot by changing her regular lottery numbers for one week only 

Lorna Hart, 45, changed her usual EuroMillions numbers which are 3, 25, 27, 28, and 29 for a lucky dip Hot Picks ticket, which generates a random selection of numbers for the main game.

Yesterday morning Hart, who lives in Gosport, Portsmouth, went online to check the numbers and she realised she could have won the £3.6m jackpot had she not decided that week to change her usual numbers.

‘I thought I’d try my luck, and then I saw on the news about someone in Britain winning the jackpot so I went to check the results’. 

Lorna Hart (pictured) 45, who suffers from ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) feels the EuroMillions jackpot of £3.6m would have made a ‘big difference’ to her life if she hadn’t opted for a random number selection and kept her usual numbers

‘I was devastated – absolutely gutted. I rang my partner Craig and said, You’ll never guess what’s happened’. She continued, ‘ He just it wasn’t meant to be and said about all the pressures the money would have bought.’

The single mother of four, who suffers from ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) gave up work eight years ago and she has played the EuroMillions every single week since it began and she had dreamt of winning to buy her own home. 

Hart said, I’m disabled, so it would have made a big difference to my life. ‘I had to give up work about eight years ago, it was quite a life crisis. I’ve had a pretty tough time of it. 

That kind of money would have meant a great deal and given me that security – it’s quite hard being on benefits. I would have bought my own house, as I currently rent.’

Lorna lives with her three youngest children, Luke, 19, Callum, 16, and Amy, 14. Her eldest daughter, Ellenor, 21, is studying Criminology at Portsmouth University. 

‘My children called me a numpty and said ‘only you could do that’. My 16 year old actually said he would rather earn a million than be given it and said he’s going to work for it.’ 

Despite losing out on the EuroMillions, Lorna says that she is going out with her friends for ‘cake instead of champagne’. She added, ‘At least I’ve got family and friends. That’s what’s really important.’

 ‘At the end of the day I went from having a normal life to living with a disability. I would trade all that money to live a normal life.

‘So many people have stuck by me and that’s worth more than any amount of money.

Hart has decided to use the Hot Picks random numbers on her losing ticket in the future.

She added, ‘I’m going to put those numbers on every week now on the Euromillions and the Lotto because you never know, I might win next time.’

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