Disease expert thinks he caught coronavirus through his EYES on plane where passengers were ‘packed like sardines’ – The Sun

A DISEASE expert thinks he caught the coronavirus through his eyes on a plane where passengers were "packed like sardines."

Dr Joseph Fair, a virologist and NBC News contributor, believes he contracted Covid-19 on a recent flight from New York City to New Orleans, Louisiana, according to TODAY.

In a Thursday morning interview on the TODAY show, from his hospital bed, Dr Fair claimed to have been wearing a mask and gloves on the plane.

"I did… my normal wipe-down, but you can still get it through your eyes," he told the news outlet. "I was seated right next to someone. The flight was full."

He continued: "That's one of the three known routes of getting this infection that we don't pay a lot of attention to.

"We tend to focus on the nose and mouth because that's the most common route.

"Droplets landing on your eyes are just as infectious and of course I wasn't wearing goggles on the flight."

Dr Fair began developing "a complete lack of appetite," muscle aches and a slight fever – approximately three or four days after the April 24 flight.

He wrote to Twitter Wednesday: "My friends wondering where I’ve been: I came down with #COVID19 & am hospitalized.

"I’m on the other end of it, but not out of the woods yet. Please continue to social distance.

"I used max precautions, but still managed to contract it. Back as soon as I’m able, friends. #StaySafe."

The 42-year-old doctor – who reportedly has no underlying conditions and runs daily – told TODAY: "If it can take me down, it can take anyone down."

"Nobody is immune! Not even a virus hunter. For doubters of the seriousness of the virus, let me assure it can take you down," Dr Fair replied to a Twitter user.

Covid-19 left Dr Fair unable to take a full breath and hospitalized in critical condition.

A bacterial lung infection prompted him to be admitted to the Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans.

When speaking with TODAY co-host Hoda Kotb, Dr Fair confirmed the people on his flight were not social distancing.

He said: "Instinctively, I probably should have gotten off the flight when I saw that.

"But they had us packed in like sardines and definitely not ideal… when you're trying to combat a pandemic and trying to slow it down."

Despite four coronavirus tests coming back negative, doctors still believed Dr Fair had the killer virus.

He told TODAY that the tests were probably negative because "the virus itself has passed out" of his system – but his body was still "responding to the damage."

Doctors have been treating Dr Fair with an oxygen mask – but if it were necessary, they would've intubated him.

Dr Fair hopes to be discharged from the hospital this weekend, as he is no longer in the critical care unit.

He is currently recovering as the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases across the United States have surpassed 1.4million.

At least 85,197 people have died from the coronavirus in the US.

Dr Fair called the US coronavirus tests "still very imperfect" and said it "was a good possibility that there's just no detectable virus" in his blood system – which he thinks is why he never tested positive.

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