Dog lovers vow to never leave pets home alone again after watching clip of Staffie curled up on sofa with owner's shoe

DOG lovers have vowed to never leave their pets alone again after watching a touching clip of a Staffie left on its own.

In the clip, filmed on home surveillance camera, the dog can be seen carrying its owner's shoe and taking it to the sofa.

The pet then curls up next to the trainer and sleeps holding it – showing how much the dog misses its owner.

The video was shared on Reddit with the caption: "This surveillance camera catches the moment a dog took his owner's shoe and slept beside it, showing how much he misses his owner while he was at work."

Many users commented the clip, with some sharing their personal experiences and vowing to never leave their pets home alone again.


One person wrote: "My dog does it all the time with my slippers when I go out. If I’m out for too long he might go and get the other slipper too.

"When I come home I find her sleeping with one or two slippers."

Another said: "I don't think I could go to work after seeing that."

One more added: "That's it. I'm never leaving my dog alone again."

Another user commented: "Aww so cute! One of our kitties puts her toys in our shoes by the door when we're out. Or sometimes I would find them in my work bag."

Dr Sean O'Hara, lecturer in wildlife cognition and behaviour at the University of Salford, told LadBible: "With dogs being social animals they are likely to feel less secure in those times they are left in social isolation.

"Social animals have be shown to crave social contact when isolated more than food."


During lockdown, many people have spent more time at home with their pets.

But as restrictions are easing, many are returning to their regular routines, which may prove challenging for pets.

A whopping 97 per cent of dog owners say they have bonded more with their mutt during lockdown and are now worried it will experience separation anxiety when they go back to work.

Leaving your dog home alone for hours can leave them feeling “sad, lonely and struggling to cope”, the RSPCA has warned.

Dogs should not be left by themselves for more than four hours, the charity said, but many pet owners think it’s acceptable to leave them for more than an entire day.

When left on their own, the animals will bark, use the toilet more and destroy things to show that they’re unhappy.

But the RSPCA warned that some dogs will “simply sit there, suffering in silence.”

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