Drivers wait as gaggle of birds stop the traffic in south-east London

Why did the geese cross the road? Drivers wait patiently as a gaggle of waddling birds stop the traffic in south-east London

  • A gaggle of geese was filmed crossing a road in Blackheath at 7.15pm on Sunday
  • Theresa Mcclafferty, 51, spotted the organised convoy marching across the road
  • A queue of traffic is seen in the video stretching as far back as the eye can see

A gaggle of geese brought motorists in south-east London to a halt over the weekend as the vehicles were forced to wait while the birds crossed a road to safety. 

Motorists waited patiently in Blackheath on Sunday by a convoy of Canada Geese crossing a road between two patches of grass.

The birds were filmed disrupting the traffic at 7.15pm by resident Theresa Mcclafferty, 51.

A lare gaggle of geese crosses a road between two patches of grassland in Blackheath, South East London, on Sunday September 6

In the footage, the geese cross the road in an orderly queue and slowly waddle across, determined not to break rank.

A line of cars are seen stretching as far back as the eye can see as they all wait for the birds to safely cross over the road.

A crowd of passersby gathered either side of the procession of geese in awe of the impressive convoy.

Speaking about the incredible sight, Theresa said: ‘It was a pleasure to watch and brought a smile to my face.

‘It happens almost every day as they head home in the evening. They feed on the heath all day, have a swim in the pond and then home at dusk. It’s a real joy to watch but 1st time I filmed it.’

The geese are a common sight in Blackheath, having two regular watering holes at the Prince of Wales and Hare and Billet ponds.

Canada Geese were introduced to the UK from North America and have since successfully spread across most of the country.

It is estimated that there are around 62,000 mating pairs of the birds in the UK. 

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