Gran orders soil for her roses and ends up with 12 TONNES of compost dumped outside house

A GRAN who ordered soil for her rose beds ended up with 12 TONNES of compost dumped outside her house.

Green-fingered Jo Edwards was attempting to spruce up her flower beds and allotment during lockdown – but she slightly overestimated the amount of soil she needed.

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When she realised she needed some compost in order to fill some rose beds she’d made for her grandchildren, Jo decided to order three bags online.

The gran, from Liskeard in Cornwall, figured out that it would be cheaper to get the biggest load she could find – without realising just how much compost she'd ordered.

She expected to have enough to fill the 3.9m by 1.3m rose beds she had built – but she ended up with far too much.

Speaking to Cornwall Live, the full-time support worker said: "During the first lockdown I kept myself busy by starting an allotment right next to my house which was overgrown and it became a project.

"I decided to make some rose beds for the grandchildren and decided to order some compost for them.

"I tried to work out how much I’d need for six rose beds and worked it out at about three large dumpy bags. It took a while.

"I tried to work out what the mass would be like and it's quite a lot.

"I then noticed it would work out cheaper to get the biggest load I could get.

“It was quite dramatic when it turned up and a surprise when I saw 12 tonnes of soil at the front of my property.”

In a bid to not let the soil go to waste, Jo is now planning to make more rose beds so that she can use up her 12 tonnes of earth.

But she also only has one wheelbarrow to move the mound over to her allotment – meaning her lighthearted lockdown project will be taking up more of her time than expected.

She added that the compost mound has turned a few heads but has "kept the kids entertained".

Jo said: "Quite a few who have seen the pictures on Facebook have come over to have a look.

"I’m just doing my allotments but everyone is finding it entertaining. People think I’m crazy.

“It might take me a couple of weeks to get it over to the allotment.

"I’ve only got a wheelbarrow to move it all, so by doing the loads barrow by barrow it’s definitely going to take some time.”

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