Hard-hit Long Island veterans home reports 52 coronavirus deaths

At least 52 residents have died at a Long Island veterans home ravaged by the coronavirus, according to a troubling new report.

Long Island State Veterans Home in Stony Brook has become the worst-hit of any nursing facility throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties since its outbreak began March 10, Newsday reported.

“Our staff continues to deeply mourn the loss of our residents,” the veterans home said Friday. “Each veteran who has passed reminds us that the freedoms and liberty we enjoy today cannot be taken for granted.”

The nursing home, which has 350 beds, said there are 65 more residents who have tested positive and one more who is a suspected case.

Meanwhile, there have been 57 employees who have been confirmed with the virus and another 11 awaiting results, the center said.

Residents have been separated at the home based on their health status — with four brought to Stony Brook University Hospital for treatment, the facility said.

“In an effort to provide a safe environment for our residents, we are maintaining communication with the New York State Department of Health,” the facility said. “We have received full support of our current infection control and cohorting plans.”

But Kathy Caruso, whose 99-year-old father caught the virus in the home, said the facility didn’t move fast enough on to protect the residents.

“I kept saying, ‘Isolate before it’s too late. You can’t just assume everybody’s going to get this,’” Caruso told the newspaper.

Yet officials insisted they are “proud ” of the entire team of “healthcare heroes.”

“Staffing remains strong and employee morale remains high,” the home said.

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