Horndog hedge funders accused of ranking female workers, Chelsea Clinton

A Manhattan hedge fund is a hotbed of sexual harassment, with staff members ranking female employees in “f–k, marry and kill” categories and one rating work neighbor Chelsea Clinton as “on her best day . . . a three,” according to a suit filed Monday.

Former Advent Capital employee Courtney Robb claims in her Manhattan federal court suit that she was fired in 2017 in retaliation for speaking out about the sexist culture.

The harassment began soon after Robb started at the multi-billion dollar hedge fund in 2016, when her male superiors openly labeled women in “f–k, marry and kill” categories, according to the suit.

One of the traders at the company told Robb that other employees suggested changing her status from “marry” to “kill,” the suit states.

One of the employees “allegedly told other men at Advent that Ms. Robb was such an uptight bitch that she already was at ‘wife’ status,” according to the suit.

The company shared an office building with the Clinton Foundation when Robb worked there and employees would see Chelsea Clinton in the lobby of the building, she claims in the suit.

On one occasion, a male employee openly rated Clinton’s appearance on the trading floor.

“On her best day, Chelsea Clinton is a three,” he said, according to the suit.

Men in the office also regularly referred to women as “c–ts” and “b–hes,” Robb claims.

Robb complained about the language and her treatment at the company to the management, including Chief Investment Officer Tracy Maitland.

Maitland dismissed the language as “locker-room talk,” according to the suit.

Robb was then fired soon after making her complaints, which she believes was retaliation for speaking out.

She’s seeking a jury trial and unspecified damages in the suit.

A spokesperson for Advent Capital did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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