Husband vows to seek justice in mom of six’s road-rage slaying

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A Pennsylvania man whose wife was gunned down in a horrifying road-rage incident has vowed to do “everything in his physical power” to get justice for her murder.

Ryan Eberly said he’s determined to find the shooter who fired at his wife, Julie, 47, through the passenger door as they were driving last week on Interstate 95 in Lumberton, North Carolina.

“I need, as a husband, to do everything in my physical power to do whatever I can to bring her justice,” Eberly told news station WGAL.

Eberly said the couple had been heading to celebrate their anniversary in Hilton Head when he accidentally cut off another driver.

”I changed lanes and a car was coming behind me,” Eberly told the outlet.

“I didn’t see that he was going around me and I pushed him into the shoulder mistakenly. As soon as I was able, I gave him room to get back on the highway. No car contact, no nothing.”

But moments later, the vehicle came back around, Eberly said.

“I saw in my mirror that he was passing us to the right and gunshots were fired, our car was hit. My wife yelled my name. I asked if she was hit and she said ‘yes.’”

She was taken to University of North Carolina Southeastern Hospital, where she later died from her injuries.


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