ISIS’ jihadi brides raise group’s black flag over refugee camp in chilling sign fanatics are rising from the ashes – The Sun

SHOCKING footage from the notorious Al Hawl refugee camp shows former jihadi brides raising the ISIS flag amid fears the group could be making a resurgence.

The former home of British ISIS bride Shamima Begum is well-known for housing some of the most radicalised followers and violent outbursts are common at the camp in Northern Syria.

The video, shared online by ANHA news agency, shows the mercenary women surrounded by children as they chant 'Islam State to remain' and carry the ISIS flag through the camp.

The women, wearing all black, a rule previously enforced by the terrorist group during its reign, caused chaos at the refugee facility that houses some of the most dangerous campmates.

The camp has seen several violent outbursts in the past, with guards being stabbed, tents set ablaze and many making attempts to escape with little chance of those supporting the extremist ideology being deradicalised.

The video is the most recent to emerge after several others revealed campmates were still supporting the terror group after they were defeated by the Syrian Democratic forces in October, last year.

A video showing an ISIS flag being raised circulated online in July last year, as it was revealed that former jihadi brides were raising their young children to follow the extremist terror group.

It was also revealed that 'civil-war' type conditions had broken out in the facility between extremists and westerners while brides pushed their beliefs on social media channels, such as Instagram.

Guards are often caught up in the chaos, being attacked by former brides, who label them infidels, as they smuggle weapons into the camp and continue their practices.

The video is now another sign among many that there is growing support for an Islamic State revival in the region.

Fears are growing that an ISIS resurgence could take place as the world is distracted by the current coronavirus pandemic.

Reports showed that former Islamic State members had attempted to break out of prisons and even carry out suicide bomb attacks after taking advantage of the Covid-19 outbreak in the region.

There are currently up to 3,000 ISIS fighters in Iraq and attacks have increased five-fold in the last month as half the country's soldiers have been quarantined.

Syria has currently suffered four deaths and 121 cases of coronavirus but it is feared the number could be a lot higher due to poor hygiene in poverty-stricken areas.

The Guardian also reported that food supplies were dangerously low in the country with fights breaking out at food trucks and basic essentials such as soap and disinfectant being made unaffordable by profiteers.





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