ITV insists Schofield's exit was 'agreed between Phil and bosses'

ITV insists Phillip Schofield’s exit from This Morning was ‘agreed’ between star and the channel after Eamonn Holmes claimed that star was ‘sacked’ after feud with Holly

  • The broadcaster said the star’s exit was ‘agreed between Philip and ITV’

ITV has instisted Philip Schofield’s exit from This Morning was ‘agreed’ between the hit show’s star and the broadcaster’s bosses. 

The TV channel’s statement follows speculation the 61-year-old was axed from the crisis-hit show amid a feud with co-presenter Holly Willoughby. 

This week it was revealed 42-year-old Holly Willoughby has cut ties with Philip Scholfield, who reportedly received a bumper payout following his exit from ITV’s hit morning show.  

However, former-This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes this week tore into Philip Schofield for claiming he was leaving of his own accord after 20 years.

The GB News presenter instead said Philip Schofield ‘was sacked’ as he suggested Holly Willoughby was being duplicitous when she claimed to be sad about the exit.

ITV has insisted Philip Schofield’s exit from This Morning  was ‘agreed’ between the presenter and the broadcaster’s bosses

GB News presenter Eamonn Holmes (pictured) hit out at Philip Schofield in claiming ‘he was sacked’

Philip Schofield’s (pictured) departure comes amid a feud between the star and co-presenter Holly Willoughby

During the newspaper review, Eamonn Holmes said: ‘Oh please just stop this. He was sacked. All this nonsense of ‘I’ve decided to step down’. I’m sure you did – here’s your P45 now step down’. 

He then went on to mimic Holly and said: ‘And she says: ‘Oh, the couch will not be the same without him being there’. Well she wanted him not there. So what is she moaning about. They deserve each other I suppose’.

‘Holly is being as false as he is and nobody is talking about the elephant in the room… Holly knows the truth, the story is with her,’ The 63-year-old presenter added. 

However, ITV has insisted Philip Schofield chose to step down from the hit morning show after reaching an agreement with the broadcaster’s bosses. 

In a statement sent to the MailOnline, an ITV Spokesperson said: ‘Phillip Schofield’s decision to step down from This Morning was (as his statement made clear) a decision agreed between Phillip and ITV.’

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