Joe Biden hasn’t answered questions from an Instagram ‘ask me anything’

It appears that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is still not taking questions.

On Tuesday, the 77-year-old former vice president told his Instagram followers in a story, “I’m answering your questions. Ask me anything” above a submission box where users could ask questions.

As of Thursday morning, Biden has not yet answered any questions, and the story has expired.

He has, however, posted nine pictures, videos and other graphics to his profile since uploading the story telling his followers he would be answering questions.

One of those videos was of his conversation with rap superstar Cardi B, where the two discussed her policy priorities going into the 2020 election.

“I have a whole list of things that I want our next president to do for us. But first, I just want [President] Trump out,” she told Biden.

Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, and usually question-and-answer-style posts are done in realtime, not days later.

Currently, Biden’s Instagram story only contains one long video divided into two posts. In it, the former vice president slams Trump for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden’s campaign has appeared to increase its efforts on the popular social media platform, which is widely used by the millennial and Generation Z crowds.

This week, the campaign took over a popular fan account run by a teenage supporter, according to The Verge.

The former fan account, which began as @TeamJoeBiden but was changed to @VoteJoe, will now serve as the campaign’s “primary point of grassroots outreach on Instagram, supplementing Biden’s personal account,” the site reports.

The account was previously run by a 15-year-old from California, who is now volunteering for Biden after school on the campaign’s social media and audience development team.

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