Joe Biden opens up 11 POINT lead over Donald Trump with more than half of registered voters backing him – The Sun

JOE Biden has taken an 11-point lead over Donald Trump in the race for US president, a new poll shows.

The former vice president currently has the support of 52 percent of registered US voters, while 41 percent support Trump, according to data published by Monmouth University on Wednesday.

Biden's lead has steadily widened since March, when he had 48 percent of support compared to Trump's 45 percent.

The poll revealed voters' slipping confidence in the president's ability to handle the post-pandemic economic recovery.

It also conveys the lack of confidence in the Trump administration's response to the nationwide protests spurred by the death of George Floyd.

A third of voters say race relations will be a major factor in who they'll cast their ballots for in November.

"The race continues to be largely a referendum on the incumbent. The initial reaction to ongoing racial unrest in the country suggests that most voters feel Trump is not handling the situation all that well," said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Overall, more voters believe Biden is better-equipped to deal with race relations than Trump.

More than half are confident Biden will unite the country while only four in 10 voters believe the same for Trump.

Regarding the post-pandemic recovery, 74 percent of Republican voters have a great deal of confidence in Trump while 75 percent have none at all in Biden.

By comparison, 70 percent of Democrats have zero confidence in Trump's ability to handle the recovery while just 34 percent have a great deal of confidence in Biden.

"Biden may have issued a multipoint recovery plan for the coronavirus outbreak, but it's a bit like the proverbial tree falling in an empty forest," Murray said.

"Even if you are a Democrat, it's a little difficult to express your full-throated endorsement of a plan you haven't heard about."

Although 38 percent of voters feel that Trump's handling of the US outbreak will hamper his chances of reelection, most voters think the coronavirus pandemic will have a minor impact on the tone of the race.

About a fifth of voters say it's a good thing that candidates have had fewer in-person campaign events and 59 percent say the lack of face time with the candidates makes no difference to the tone of the race.

The Monmouth University poll of 742 registered voters was conducted by phone from May 28 to June 1.

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