Kim Jong-un ‘holidays on revamped party boat with pool & waterslides’ as North Korea is ravaged by famine & Covid

KIM Jong-un is reportedly taking it easy on his revamped party boat boasting a huge pool and twisting waterslides as North Korea grapples with famine and Covid.

The dictator – who sparked fears for his health after shedding up to three stone – appears to be at his mansion in Wonsan, with his "floating amusement park" spotted docked on its private beach.

Kim’s seaside compound in Wonsan, on the country’s east coast, is dotted with guest villas and serviced by a private beach, basketball court, and exclusive train station, according to experts and satellite imagery.

Meanwhile, the pleasure boat features an Olympic-sized pool, a multi-storey lounge plus twin twisting waterslides.

There has also be fresh activity at Kim's newest secluded mansion just up the coast for the first time since it was built in 2019, reports NK News.

Movement at Kim's mansions within the last week have coincided with days the despot did not make public appearances, suggesting he has been holidaying in the area.

The 37-year-old's 260ft party barge was seen docked at his main Wonsan mansion complex shortly before noon on Monday – but it could be his children, close family members or trusted associates using the boat and mansion, the outlet reports.

His smaller pool boat was also anchored at the site last week.

Just last month, images appeared to show Kim and a bunch of his pals riding jet skis in the waters off his Wonsan resort, according to  analysis by NK News of satellite images from Planet Labs.

At least 10 of the watercrafts were apparently spotted zipping back and forth between Kim’s private beach at Wonsan and Tae Island, located just off the Kalma Peninsula, on June 6 and 13.

And Kim’s luxury boat also appeared to be anchored in the sea off the island on June 9, 12 and 13 in the images.


It comes amid fears North Korea could run out of food within months as Kim faces a repeat of the famine that killed millions.

The price of staple foods skyrocketed as a result of intense storm damage to the state’s produce industry, with items like coffee reportedly being sold for more than £70 a packet in June.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that South Korea’s intelligence service confirmed that Kim has lost up to three stone.

The fridge loving leader has been pictured looking visibly slimmer since the beginning of the year, prompting fears about his health.

The National Intelligence Service told the intelligence committee of the country’s Parliament about the tubby tyrant’s weight loss in a closed door session, NK News reports.

MP Kim Byeong-kee, a member of the committee, said the NIS also reported that “Kim Jong Un recently lost around 10 to 20 kilograms of weight, and is conducting normal governance activities”

Known as a heavy smoker, Kim has long been obese, with his weight appearing to increase steadily.

South Korea’s national intelligence unit said it believed he hit 22 stone in 2020 after gaining around a stone a YEAR since coming to power in 2011.

Kim has a legendary appetite, apparently gorging himself on Swiss cheese, caviar and lobster while drinking multiple bottles of wine in a night.

But he looked noticeably less overweight in media images published by Pyongyang's official KCNA news agency and on state television in June 2021.

It's not clear how he lost weight, but analysts say Pyongyang is using Kim's appearance as a way to glorify him by portraying him as a "devoted, hardworking" leader as the country struggles to tackle its food crisis.

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