Lead singer of Christian rock band Hawk Nelson says he ‘no longer believes in God’ – The Sun

THE lead singer of a Christian rock band Hawk Nelson has revealed he "no longer believes in God."

Jon Steingard, the lead guitarist for the Christian pop-punk band, took to Instagram last week to share the shocking news.

"After growing up in a Christian home, being a pastor’s kid, playing and singing in a Christian band, and having the word ‘Christian’ in front of most of the things in my life — I am now finding that I no longer believe in God," Steingard wrote.

Steingard, who is the son of a pastor, uploaded two photos of a wordy explanation to his Instagram on May 20.

The post was captioned: "I’ve been terrified to post this for a while – but it feels like it’s time for me to be honest. I hope this is not the end of the conversation, but the beginning.

"I am not looking for a debate at all – just a chance to share my story in the hopes some good can come from it. I love you all."

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