Lookalike drug dealer who impersonated Conor McGregor and even handed out business cards is jailed for three years

A DRUG dealer who impersonated Conor McGregor has been jailed for three years.

Mark Nye, 34, was pulled over by cops, who found hundreds of business cards with UFC fighter's name on them.

Nye detained after trying to get rid of class A drugs and the two mobile phones he had on him.

He told officers his name was ‘Conor’ and had several hundred cards with the ‘McGregor Enterprise’ written on the front and ‘Best drops in Surrey’ on the back.

Nye used the cards to front his drug dealing businesses.

His mugshot shows him with a distinctive ginger beard similar to the one worn by the legendary UFC fighter and his hair styled like him.

Officers who analysed Nye's phones and found hundreds of messages in relation to his drug dealing activity.

Nye was sentenced at Guildford Crown Court on 9 April after being stopped by Surrey Police in February in Stanwell

The force said officers found a large amount of boric acid, a cutting agent which is used by dealers to cut drugs and can have serious health implications for users themselves.

Officers also found a large cleaver readily accessible by his bed.

The real Conor McGregor is himself no stranger to the law.

In 2019 he pleaded guilty to punching an elderly man in a Dublin pub, where he was promoting his Proper Twelve brand of whiskey and was fined £860.

In 2018 McGregor grabbed a metal trolley and threw it, shattering the window of a bus carrying UFC rival Khabib Nurmagomedov in New York.

He was later sentenced to five days of community service and to attend anger management classes.

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