Madeleine McCann cops' key 'new evidence' revealed to be suspect's phone records that may show his movements in Portugal

MADELEINE McCann cops' key new evidence has been revealed to be phone records that may show Christian B’s movements in Portugal.

The 44-year-old German, who is a convicted rapist and paedophile, has been identified by police as being the prime suspect responsible for the abduction of Madeleine.

She was three when she vanished from the Algarve holiday apartment she was staying at with parents Kate and Gerry in 2007.

It recently emerged German cops have new leads on Christian B.

The Sun Online now understands this relates to phone records that could throw fresh light on his movements around Praia Da Luz at the time Maddie went missing.

“For a long time German officers have said many key pieces of the jigsaw were missing about Christian B‘s movements in the Algarve,” a source said.

“This new information may help provide one of those pieces.”

German police believe Madeleine was allegedly killed in Portugal and not taken to Germany by Christian B, it emerged today.

There were fears he had allegedly moved the toddler to his home country after taking her from Praia da Luz.

Christian B’s lawyer Friedrich Fulscher had said his client “denies any involvement” in the McCann case.

Detectives from Germany, Portugal and the UK probing Christian B are due to meet within weeks to discuss the case. 

British officers will hope to use it to secure more cash to extend Operation Grange and a source said “the heat is really on right now” for them.

It was reported today that they have asked for more cash on top of the than £12.5million they’ve already had from taxpayers.

The Home Office is expected to agree to £350,000 over six months.

“They need new leads to ensure as much extra funding is made available as possible in the hunt for Maddie. This summit is shaping up to be a potential lifeline.”

Her parents Kate and Gerry have also raised £773,629 if the money ever dries up.

It comes after the couple said "we're never going to give up" as they paid tribute to their daughter on her 18th birthday on May 12.

German officers hope to use the meeting to heal “strained” relations with Portuguese counterparts. 

“This summit will be key. German officers will lay out everything they have on Christian B,” said the source.

“They will appeal to their colleagues for their help in nailing him. It is no secret that relations between the German and Portuguese teams haven’t been great.

“The feeling among Portuguese officers is that Christian B isn’t the man who took Maddie.

“And they’ve long been concerned about some of the public statements the Germans have made. But it is time to put that to one side for the sake of Maddie.”

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