Man gives ‘thumbs up’ as he’s filmed having sex in broad daylight on public path – The Sun

THIS is the moment a man gave a thumbs up as he was filmed having sex on a public path in broad daylight.

The brazen pair were spotted bonking on a footpath in Galashiels, in the Scottish borders.

But that didn't stop the randy duo carrying on despite realising they'd been caught in the act.

In a video circulating online, a man can be seen behind a woman who is holding on to a fence surrounded by foliage.

And the man only stops momentarily to give a thumbs up after realising he's been rumbled.

The clip has been viewed hundreds of times online.

Sex with lovers from another household is currently barred due to ongoing coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

But it is not known if the randy couple in the clip stay together.

It's unclear when the video was filmed.

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