NYC homeless man claiming to have HIV spits on, attacks MTA worker, conductor says

An enraged vagrant claimed he was HIV-positive and then “punched,” and “spit” at a transit worker who tried to boot him from a subway car early Saturday in Brooklyn, the train’s conductor told The Post.

The encounter erupted at around 9 a.m. when the C train reached its last stop at Euclid Avenue in East New York, and the conductor asked any remaining passengers to exit, so workers could remove any trash.

On one of the cars was a homeless man with a “full shopping cart and a couple of bags, laid out sleeping,” according to the conductor, a veteran transit employee who would only give his first name, Trevor, for fear of reprisal for speaking out.

Rousted and asked to leave, the man refused, Trevor said.

“No!” he roared, insisting he needed more time to collect his things, according to the conductor.

The train operator then came on the car to assist, and the man, described as a chronic nuisance at the station, allegedly went haywire, Trevor said.

“His eyes went dead red,” the conductor said. “He started screaming, ‘I will f–k you up! I will murder you!’”

Then, he allegedly yelled “I’m HIV-positive!” and “charged the operator, punched him and spit at him,” Trevor continued.

The sputum landed on his colleague’s forehead, the revolted conductor recalled.

The conductor quickly radioed for help, and cops, who removed the unidentified man. Police did not immediately say if he was arrested.

The transit system’s unprecedented coronavirus deep-cleaning initiative has only made things more perilous for workers, the conductor said.

“They spit on you as a weapon — this is what we deal with every day,” the conductor said. “They’re angrier and more aggressive now,” he said. “Once they get back on the train [after the overnight scrub down] they get more aggressive.”

The conductor continued: “He possibly could have corona. He wasn’t wearing a mask, no protection at all — he was coughing and spitting. He’s putting our lives in danger — no mask, no protection, spitting at people.”

The train operator, believed to be in his 30s, was taken to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn.

There was no immediate word on his condition.

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