Obama AG Eric Holder slams Trump’s baseless ‘Obamagate’ claims and says president ‘trying to delegitimize’ institutions – The Sun

OBAMA'S Attorney General shut down Trump's "Obamagate" claims in an interview, as he said the current president is trying to "delegitimize" institutions.

Donald Trump had claimed in a series of tweets that former President Barack Obama was aware of a conspiracy among US intelligence officials to cripple his presidency.

Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, called President Trump's "Obamagate" claims "baseless" in an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes.

“What we have is a president who is bound and determined to delegitimize those parts of the government that he thinks pose the greatest threat to him," Holder told MSNBC.

"That is the Justice Department, the FBI, the intelligence community, as well.

Holder added: "It’s all part of a plan to somehow make those institutions weaker, so that he can do the kinds of – illicit things he has been doing."

In Trump's claims, he's alleged that Obama was responsible for masterminding the Russia investigations and forced former national security adviser Michael Flynn to plead guilty for lying to the FBI.

The Department of Justice dropped charges against Flynn last week, after he admitted to lying to the FBI about links to Russia.

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Credit: Twitter/Donald Trump

Using the term "Obamagate" numerous times, Trump claimed in tweets that Obama used "his last weeks in office to target incoming officials and sabotage the new administration."

Holder condemned Trump's claims, saying the President is "facilitated" by current attorney general William Barr.

"This attorney general is actually complicit by weakening these institutions," Holder told MSNBC.

"This is an attorney general who is supposed to stand up for the people who work for him.

"In fact, he’s doing all that he can do weaken the very institutions that he leads," he added.

Holder continued, saying Barr is "injecting himself into cases," like that of Roger Stone and Robert Mueller.

"He supported the effort to keep documents away from Congress," Holder said to MSNBC.

"I think that what we have here, at least to date, has been a really good effort on the part of — by the attorney general to defend, to shield, as you said, various interests, chief interests for him being the president.

"My concern is that we move from the defensive to the offensive, that they will use the power of the Justice Department, the power of the criminal justice system, to go after people who are perceived as enemies of this president," he told MSNBC's Hayes.

Trump's twitter frenzy came after Obama expressed frustration that charges against former national security adviser Michael Flynn were dropped.

Recently declassified documents from the Flynn investigation also revealed that Obama knew about the security adviser's calls with Russian diplomat Sergey Kislyak in December 2016.

Obama also criticized Trump's response to the COVID-19 in a leaked call, igniting Trump's rant.

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