Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Sergeant Ratana… police deserve our respect and admiration

Hero mourned

HOW could it happen?

How could a suspect arrested with ammunition smuggle a loaded gun into a police custody suite and murder a ­veteran sergeant?

Why was he not properly searched?

How did he manage to unleash a weapon while handcuffed?

Whatever the answers, it is a monumental and terrible security lapse.

Our hearts go out to the much-loved officer, his family, friends and traumatised colleagues in Croydon.

It is increasingly fashionable among political activists, here and in the US, to denigrate and even target all cops because of the excesses of a tiny handful.

It is shamefully ignorant.

The vast majority deserve our respect and admiration.

Few of us put ourselves potentially in harm’s way each day, as they do to protect the public.

And harm, we now know, can come to them even in a supposedly secure custody suite.

Police are in mourning today. The Sun mourns with them.

Rogue regime

THE world must never again face a ­pandemic unprepared.

So we applaud Boris Johnson’s plan, and his extra funding, to try to ensure the World Health Organisation improves on its disastrous handling of this one.

 But his veiled digs at China are a waste of breath.

It was Beijing’s duplicity that let this plague spread, claiming almost one million lives already.

Meanwhile China is crushing dissent in Hong Kong and repressing the Uighur Muslims in a purge reminiscent of the 20th Century’s vilest dictators.

Global leaders should condemn China’s Communist regime unequivocally.

Britain must stop handing it a penny in foreign aid and instead fund vaccines — if a working one ever arrives — for the world’s poorest countries.

Under our absurd aid commitment, taxpayers donated £68million to China last year.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says that figure will be slashed.

Good. How about “to zero”?

Orf with you

TWO-thirds of Brits, it is claimed, want Harry and Meghan stripped of their Royal Duke and Duchess titles entirely.

It might even be that the LA dodgers would welcome it if the Queen suggested it.

One friend reckons Meghan would then be free to run for President.

Good luck with that.

Regardless of Meghan’s ambitions, Her Majesty should consider pulling the plug.

The Sussexes’ thinly-disguised plea to vote out Donald Trump in the US election was grossly ill-judged for a couple nominally part of British royalty.

They seem not to have a clue what damage they do to the institution they abandoned, or to themselves, with each video they post from their mansion.

Cut them loose.

Then they can do and say whatever they like.

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